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Side Entry Metal Carports

Side Entry Metal Carports

A traditional carport has an opening at the front for you to pull your vehicle in and out. There may be enough room for a single vehicle to enter and exit, or the carport could be wide enough to suit two, three, or even more cars. As you pull up to this kind of carport, you’ll see the pitch of the roof sloping down to the right and left, with the peak in the middle.

A side entry metal carport is a little different. As the name would suggest, the entry is on the side – in other words, you’ll see the slope of the roof coming down towards you as you approach. Often, these kinds of carports are still open on the ends, leaving them accessible from any side. Alternatively, you may choose to enclose one or both of the ends, depending on your needs and plans for the structure. By shopping with us, you’ll be able to consider many features at fair prices.

Why Choose a Side Entry Carport?

If you take a moment to look around on our site, you’ll see that we have many different types of carports and metal structures available. With so many options, why would you pick a side entry carport over the rest?


With additional openings for entry, there are more ways you can use your carport. For example, you might park your vehicles from one direction, but occasionally need to bring in supplies or equipment from another direction on a cart or tractor. Whatever your workflow looks like, a side entry carport can be designed to help you make the most of it and minimize disruptions during your day.

Side entry carports can also be used for more than just storage. Because there are openings on the sides, this structure can be turned into a nice patio, or used for outdoor gatherings or events. Because of the versatile functions of a side entry carport, this is a great option if you’re not sure of the exact use of the carport yet. Rather than having to replace your old carport down the road with a new design, adding the side entry feature now will make it more likely that this structure is going to serve you and your property well for many years to come.

Visual Appeal

Some people may not like the look of traditional carports because they block the view of the landscape or house. Side entry carports allow for open visibility because of the openings on either side. Having openings on either side can make the structure look lighter. Instead of the bulky and closed off carport, you have a building that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Add Some Style to Your Side Entry Carport

When you add a side entry to your carport, you can also elevate the style of the building by going with a “Texas cut.” Also known as a “Cali cut”, this is a 45 degree angle that connects the vertical and horizontal portions of each opening. This type of framing brings a more designed, finished look to the carport, without changing anything about its functionality. This look is particularly notable if you decide to use a trim color that strongly contrasts your main color selection. A “Texas cut” is just one of many customization features available when you shop at American Steel Carports, Inc.

Is a Side Entry Carport the Right Choice?

Side entry carports are a great option for some situations, but they won’t be right for every buyer. Think about the specifics of how you’ll use your carport, how your property is designed, and more. Try out the Build & Price tool offered on our site to fully visualize and customize your side entry carport.

Whether you opt for a side entry model or a traditional design, American Steel Carports, Inc. is here to serve you. Just contact us and a member of our team will answer your questions and provide any additional information you require. Thank you for taking the time to visit American Steel Carports, Inc.!


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