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Steel Roofing and How to Care for Yours

Steel Roofing and How to Care for Yours

Now that you’ve learned how to maintain your steel carport, it is now time to find out how to care for your carport’s steel roof.
Metal or steel roofs are extremely durable. They can withstand a lot of brutal weather and are also low maintenance if you know how to properly care for them. This makes metal roofing material perfect for topping off our high-quality steel units here at American Steel.


4 Steel Roof Care Tips


If you have a steel unit that has a metal roof or are in the process of purchasing one, here are some tips that will help you care for your metal roof.


Cut Back Trees and Limbs

If you are a homeowner, you know that your roof is very important. And, if you’ve ever had to replace the roof of your home, you know it can be quite costly too. This makes it very important to learn about ways to prevent it from happening again. One of those ways is by keeping tree and tree limbs from hitting your roof. This tip is also great  for the steel roofs too.


Overtime, tree limbs can cause abrasions to form due to the wind or rain shifting them back and forth. That is why it is best that you keep branches cut away from your roof so this can be avoided.


Get Rid of Debris

Excessive debris is also another culprit that can cause damage to your steel roof. Although most debris like leaves will get washed away when it rains or is windy, it also very important that you do your best to clear the rest of the debris from time-to-time. This can easily be done by adding a “spray and shoot” nozzle to the end of your water hose and spraying your roof clean.


Do Not Forget About the Gutters

If your steel unit has gutters attached to it, ensure they you clean them regularly.


Gutters help keep debris directly off your roof, however, when they are backed up or remain untouched, that can cause problems. Since steel roofs work to shed wet elements and then drys itself out, a clogged gutter can prove to be detrimental and cause rust or corrosion to form. As a reminder, when you clean the debris from your metal roof, make it a habit to also clean the gutters too.


Minimize Traffic

To install any roof, you have to climb on to it. And although metal roofs are durable, the less foot traffic you have the better.


Of course, there may be certain circumstances where you need to get on the roof yourself or you may need someone else to get up there. However, when this happens, do your best to be careful and thoroughly communicate with the person the importance of minimizing foot traffic. This will likely reduce any damage that may be caused.


Your steel unit and metal roof are great investments. They can provide you with adequate storage and many years of benefits if properly maintained.


Steel Units and More from American Steel

From steel carports to steel agricultural buildings, American Steel is the leading manufacturer of steel buildings!
Each of our units come engineer certified with a 20-year warranty and free shipping and installation. We also have additional features that can be added like tubing, braces, and solar air vents to make your steel unit all yours!
To get a free estimate on your steel building from American Steel, contact us today.


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