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How to Store a Gas Grill for Winter

How to Store a Gas Grill for Winter

Grilling has become a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. When warm weather moves in for the summer, people all over the country gear up to grill out. However, when it’s time to store your grill away for the winter, you need to protect it so it’s ready to go when warm weather rolls back around. Read on to learn how to store a gas grill for winter.

One way to keep your grill in great condition is to store it in a steel building from American Steel Carports, Inc. We offer a variety of metal sheds that are affordable, durable, and fully customizable. Use our Build & Price Tool to explore the many possibilities for your new structure, and receive an instant quote!

Clean Your Grill for Storage

The first task to check off your list is to clean the grill. You’ll want to clean the grates thoroughly to remove any leftover food particles, oils, etc. If the grates go into storage dirty, they might be pretty nasty after a few months of inactivity. Beyond the grates, wipe down all of the other surfaces with an appropriate cleaning product. Basically, the grill should be as clean as it can be before entering storage.

Address the Propane Tank

Another piece of the prep puzzle is dealing with your propane tank. Even if your grill is going to be stored inside, the propane tank should live outside. Make sure the valve is closed, disconnect the tank from the grill, and use plastic caps to cover the fittings.

Moisture is the Enemy

A big goal for your winter grill storage is to keep moisture away. Water poses the biggest risk to the health of your grill, as extended exposure to moisture could lead to rust—and that rust may render your grill unusable in time. Rusted grates are no good for cooking food, plus, rusted valves can interfere with the flow of propane. So, as you plan how you will store your grill, think first and foremost about keeping it dry. Consider the following options:

Grill Cover

The simplest solution for storing your gas grill is to place a cover over it when not in use. There are cloth covers available for nearly every grill model on the market, and they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Using one of these covers during grilling season is a reasonable option for days when the grill isn’t in use, but they probably won’t offer the protection you need during the winter months.

One of the problems with a grill cover is that they are open on the bottom. So, after rain or snow, the moisture on the ground can evaporate up under the cover and into the grill. This isn’t as bad as leaving the grill uncovered out in the rain, but it’s still a moist environment that can lead to rust.

Under a Roof

While a grill cover is better than nothing, the best way to keep your grill safe in the winter is to place it under a roof. With a roof over the grill, the area around the grill will stay dry and there will be far less opportunity for rust to develop throughout the offseason. Here are three roof options that could serve as excellent grill storage locations:

  • Metal carport. Your grill would still technically be outside when stored under a carport, but it would be nicely protected from the rain and snow. One plus about using a carport is that it will be easy to bring the grill out when you are ready to use it. For example, if you get a nice stretch of warmer winter weather and want to use your grill once or twice, it will be easy to retrieve. Shop Now.
  • Storage shed. Many grill owners use their backyard shed as a storage option during the winter. You probably aren’t using your shed as much in the winter, since there isn’t as much yard work to do, so parking the grill here could be a nice option. Shop Now.
  • Metal garage. If you have room on your property to add a metal garage, this would be a great place to store your grill—along with using the space for many other purposes. Metal garages are surprisingly affordable compared to their wooden counterparts and can be constructed on a short timeline. Shop Now.

Work With American Steel Carports, Inc.!

It’s important to know how to store a gas grill for winter. The best way to protect it from the elements is by keeping it in a steel structure from American Steel Carports, Inc.! Get started today by exploring our Build & Price Tool, and feel free to contact us with any questions you have along the way!


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