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Storm-Proof Your Belongings with A Steel Structure

Storm-Proof Your Belongings with A Steel Structure

Whether you’re facing the rains and winds of El Nino, you’re situated along the Gulf Coast in the path of a hurricane, or you’re a resident of Tornado Alley, a steel structure, such as an aluminum shed, may be the best option for protecting your belongings.
Although events like El Nino, hurricanes, and tornadoes are random as far as when and how often they might occur, cost-effective steel structures are an excellent option for protection during sunny weather or hurricane-force winds.


It’s Easier to Protect Than Replace 


When it comes to ensuring your home, family, and possessions are protected, it’s much easier to build for the “just in case” eventuality of a terrible, windy storm than to assume “well, it could never happen to me.” If you choose to build the cheapest metal structure you can to save money, you won’t just have to replace the building when it’s torn apart by a weather event, you’ll have to replace everything in it.


The loss of your possessions or equipment will require money, and there’s no guarantee that everything you lose will be replaceable, or that you will be able to rely on your insurance policy to replace everything. Most insurance policies come with deductibles anyway, so you’ll still have money going out the door to fix or replace items and repair the destruction.


Increasing the Strength of Your Steel Structuremetal buildings and barns


From metal barns to garage sheds made of steel, the strength and protection of your structure not only protects against terrible weather and wind, but it also helps provide protection during heavy snowfall and persistent rain. Many types of steel structures will withstand virtually any normal windstorm, and there’s also the option to upgrade to a certified structure.


A certified structure is braced and anchored to the ground and can be upgraded to withstand 130 MPH winds, as well as a significant amount of snow. You may even choose to upgrade your steel structure to withstand an incredible 155 MPH and additional snow load.


Can Metal Buildings Truly Withstand Hurricanes?


The force of a hurricane often leaves a path of flattened debris and destruction behind it, and it’s not uncommon to see swaths of bare ground dotting the landscape after the departure of a hurricane. Similar scenes result when a tornado rips through the area and decimates homes, farms, and businesses.


You might wonder whether a metal carport or a garage shed made of steel can withstand a hurricane, but time has shown that structures made of steel are often the only things standing after hurricane-force winds come through the area. Companies like American Steel Carports, Inc. that specialize in metal structures can provide buildings that are engineered to meet the demands of a specific weather event.


Hurricanes receive their classification label based upon their sustained wind speeds, and meteorologists will refer to these levels as the “Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.” Any hurricane that reaches a category 3 or higher can rip apart many traditional buildings and wreak havoc on buildings like residential homes.


A hurricane that reaches Category 3 will have winds between 111 and 129 miles per hour, but a category 5 can actually reach wind speeds of more than 157 MPH. Steel structures are excellent for protecting your vehicles, equipment, and possessions against the ferocity of a hurricane’s winds.


Work with the Nation’s Leader in Carport and Steel Building Manufacturing


From open and partial carports to warehouses and garages, American Steel Carports, Inc. is your source for exceptional structures that are designed to last and withstand any sort of weather. Enjoy quality and affordability with a new steel building. Get in touch to see how we can help you reach your building goals.


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