It’s that of the year again: tax time! Did this money magically appear out of thin air? Not a chance. You worked hard for this money, so put it toward something that adds value to your property and life.

Improve Your Property Value

Get a new building or replace your old wooden barn with a sturdy and pristine structure that revitalizes your land and improves property value.

Let Your Creative Side Out

Ever dreamed of having your own workshop or creative space?  Somewhere to let off steam or to just let your creative side out? A creative outlet has been shown to improve emotional health, relationships, and job performance. Interested in pottery, woodworking, metalworking? A custom building can provide the workspace you need to really enjoy your hobby. Not to mention the fun of getting to design your own building to your specifications.

Start a Business

Do you have a great business idea, but don’t have the space to get started?  Are you a mechanic that works on boats or RVs? Are you tired of having to share shop space? How about a business that you don’t have to attend to constantly, like Self-Storage? Small businesses are an important part of America, forming up to 40% of the workforce.  What better time than now?

This 30’W x 41’L x 12’H building has these great features:

  •  A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • 12 Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • 12’x12′ Roll Up Door
  • 10’x10′ Roll up Door
  • (3) Windows
  • Horizontal Sides & Ends
  • 30) Anchors with L- Brackets

Curious about the price of this building? Call us now to speak with one of our representatives for your customized quote, and don’t forget to ask about our convenient financing options. Looking for a different size? Want to insulate this building? Love the size, but not the color? Call us now at (866) 730-9865 and let one of our experts help you find the best metal building within your budget!