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The Best Covered Parking Structures for Apartments

The Best Covered Parking Structures for Apartments

Offering covered parking to apartment tenants is a major perk that is sure to be appreciated by anyone thinking of renting a unit. With so many vehicles coming and going through the day and night, damage to vehicles in apartment parking lots is relatively common. Adding covered parking can help to protect those vehicles, potentially giving your property an advantage over the local competition.

Of course, any parking structure you add to your apartment complex property has to be a good one. A low-quality structure isn’t going to hold up over time. If you’re looking for the best covered parking structures for apartments, turn to American Steel Carports, Inc. To get started, see what you can create with our Build & Price tool. Looking to make your project even bigger than this tool allows? Contact our team for assistance! We’re always here to help.

A Desirable Amenity

The primary motivation for adding a parking structure at your apartment complex is that it will be seen as a nice amenity for potential renters. When trying to decide where to live, potential renters are sure to check out a few places and list the amenities that they offer while also considering the monthly cost of a unit. If you can present a similar monthly cost while offering more amenities than nearby complexes, you’ll have a great chance at keeping your occupancy high year after year.

The parking structure alone might not be the tipping point that causes someone to sign a lease, but it will be one more thing in your favor. Also, for existing tenants, adding a parking structure is a clear sign that you are continuing to invest in the complex and their satisfaction, so it could go a long way toward helping with retention, as well. Anything that can help bring in new tenants while also retaining current residents is certainly worth your attention.

Working with the Right Supplier

Finding the right partner for this project is a critical step. Since you may need to purchase several parking structures around the property, and since you need these to live up to high standards, it’s important to work with a company that can fill such an order without ever sacrificing quality.

There are many different carport companies out there in the market today, and they represent a wide range of quality levels. If you happen to see carports available for prices that are hard to believe, think twice about what the company will be able to deliver for such a low cost.

Be wary of doing business with any carport company that doesn’t offer customizations or isn’t willing to stand behind their products with some type of warranty. You shouldn’t be forced to settle for whatever stock designs they happen to have, and you certainly shouldn’t need to make this purchase without any warranty coverage to protect your investment. Fortunately, you’ve already found the best covered parking structures for apartments at American Steel, so you can turn to us and be sure that we’ll deliver!

It’s All About the Bottom Line

When making a business decision, the only thing that really matters is the bottom line. Is spending money on a given project going to result in a positive return on investment? If the answer is yes, that decision becomes an easy one. With building a parking structure, especially one that is as durable as what you’ll get from American Steel Carports, Inc., it’s easy to see how the return will be positive in the long run.

The big advantage here is the number of years that you can expect to get from one of our metal structures. With our 12-gauge products backed by a 20-year warranty, you can rest assured that your new parking structure is going to continue to pay off well into the future. Not only will the durability pay off in terms of how many years the structure will last, but the quality that goes into our products means your tenants will be able to trust that this is a sturdy roof worthy of protecting their vehicles.

American Steel Has Your Apartment Covered

Given the affordable and durable nature of our covered parking structures, this is a project that can fit into your apartment’s budget now and still last for years to come. You don’t want to find yourself right back at the drawing board looking for a new parking structure shortly after buying the first one, so stick with American Steel Carports, Inc. to get the quality you deserve.

If you need help planning this type of large project, get in touch with our team today! We hope to help you soon with this exciting new project.


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