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Top 2 Favorites

Top 2 Favorites

From our classic A-Frame garages to our sturdy RV covers, we offer a wide variety of versatile structures. Whether you want to stray away from the sun for family cookouts or simply add protection to your  prized possessions, you are guaranteed with a durable and unique building. We offer 12 different color choices giving you the opportunity to mix and match the roof, sides, ends, and trim colors at no additional cost.

Agricultural Buildings

Our Agricultural buildings are ideal for mostly any farm application. Use them to organize heavy equipment or to store hay and straw or even farm animals. We can configure these buildings with a wide variety of openings, doors, and windows to meet your exact necessities.  You can choose from a closed gable end or an open gable end. You can also have if fully enclosed with a drive through opening, or without 2 styles of garage doors: roll up and overhead. Our roll-up and overhead doors come in a variety of sizes ranging from a single-door to a double-door. We also have walk-in doors and windows available. We can customize an Agricultural Style building to fit your everyday storage needs.

Agricultural Style Steel Buildings

Mini-Storage Units

Our Mini-Storage Units are the perfect addition to any backyard. This is the perfect investment if you live in a neighborhood and need more than your garage for storage. They are small enough to keep in your backyard, and with a permit, can be installed wherever you want it. Storing bikes, fishing utilities, and pet feeds, frees up space in your garage. You can add a small porch to make for an even more attractive look and hang plants from its roof.  All our steel storage units come with a galvanized framed and pressure treated wood floor.  Each unit is equipped with a lightweight roll-up door or a walk-in door for easy entrance. These steel sheds come in a wide variety of styles and sizes with two types of tubing: 14 and 12 gauge.

Mini Storage Unit

These two styles of buildings each have their unique uses and display. Affordable and customizable, you are guaranteed with a long-lasting unit.

Explore our website and let us know what your top three metal buildings are.

Versatile. Strong. Built to Last. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


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