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Types of Siding for Your Carport

Types of Siding for Your Carport

A basic, traditional carport doesn’t have sidewalls, but that doesn’t mean siding can’t be added. In fact, customizing your carport with siding is a popular addition as it adds an extra level of protection to the items or vehicles stored under the carport, and it creates an aesthetic appearance for the carport. If you’re thinking of adding siding to your carport, learn more about different siding and how to decide which is best for your needs.

When designing your carport from American Steel Carports, Inc., use our Build & Price tool to design your own structure. You can easily visualize the final product and get a free quote. If you would like more assistance or if you have any questions about our products, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Two Main Options for Carport Siding

The two options you’ll find for carport siding when placing your order are horizontal and vertical siding. If that sounds familiar, it’s because those are the same two options that you will find available with carport roofing. So what is the difference between these two sidings? Here are the basics.

Horizontal siding

Horizontal siding runs from side to side, parallel with the ground. This is the least expensive option, so it is appealing if you want to add a wall to your carport but need to stick to a tight budget.

Vertical siding

As the name would suggest, the side panels runs up and down perpendicular to the ground. While the cost is a bit higher, there are plenty of benefits, including improved durability and better performance in wet weather. Where horizontal siding may permit some water to sneak into the carport over time that is very unlikely to happen when vertical panels are used instead.

It’s worth noting that when you order from American Steel Carports, Inc., wainscoting can be added for no additional charge when horizontal siding is selected. There is an additional charge, however, if vertical siding is used.

Why Would You Add Siding?

If you are only going to use the carport for parking, and you want it to remain as easy to access as possible, skipping the siding is probably the way to go. If you have other uses in mind, however, the addition of siding can be a great way to gain versatility for a modest investment. Some of the possible motivations for this addition include the following:

  • Protected storage. If you plan to use your carport for storage and the items that will be stored need to be protected from the elements, adding walls might be a necessary step. You could choose to add siding on all sides, or you could just opt for this feature on one or two sides to protect against the prevailing weather pattern.
  • Workshop space. Do you plan to do work under the roof of your carport? That roof will offer good protection as a starting point, but rain will still enter from the sides on a breezy day. Also, a little wind could bring debris into your workspace, potentially complicating your projects or creating a dangerous work environment. To create a controlled workspace that will allow you to focus on the job at hand, think about adding siding with help from American Steel Carports, Inc.
  • Animal shelter. Metal carports are an affordable way to offer animals on your property a safe place to hide from the weather. Anything from hot afternoon sun to heavy rains could be uncomfortable for the animals that live on your land, and a carport with siding will make for a great retreat. Rather than spending the money that is required to build a wooden structure, and then deal with the maintenance that such buildings require, go with a metal carport and get excellent performance from day one.

Customize Your Carport with Siding

Perhaps the best thing about working with American Steel Carports, Inc. is the ability to completely customize your new carport from the ground up. We want you to be fully satisfied with the structure we deliver, and that starts with letting you have total control over the design process. Whether you want something that looks like a traditional carport or you want to add sidewalls and other features, we are here to serve you.


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