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Warranties That Make The Grade

Warranties That Make The Grade

Have you ever heard those scary stories from a neighbor or friend about a carport structure collapsing or even completely blowing away? This sure can be intimidating. There are many ways, however, for you to protect your structure and ensure that it is “built to last.”


American Steel Carports certifies all of its steel structures and offers a one-year, four-season workmanship warranty* on your steel buildings. Unbelievably, that is just the standard warranty. Pretty great, huh? Our engineers have a plan in place to certify all of your building needs. From basic carports to our triple-wide steel warehouses, be assured that we can offer you the best warranties available and assist you with any information that you need.


Did you know that, when you upgrade your building’s frame from our standard 2.5”, 14-gauge galvanized steel to our 2¼”, 12-gauge steel material, your one-year standard warranty will be combined with a 20-year limited warranty** on frame rusting? That sounds expensive, you say. American Steel, however, offers its customers the best of the best at a price that still meets most budgets. Our 12-gauge price options vary depending on the unit’s size and, in most cases, are very similar in cost. Be sure to compare the differences when placing your order.


Do you get a lot of snow? No worries—American Steel has you covered. For heavier snow-load capacities, customers can purchase additional truss and bracing. You also have the ability to choose from a variety of roof options, such as the A-frame vertical or the A-frame horizontal. Our engineers know just what it takes to ensure that your unit has the proper snow load to meet your city code.


They don’t call Chicago the windy city for nothing. For those customers who live in high-wind areas, American Steel offers several anchoring options, including (but not limited to) mobile home, asphalt, and cement anchors. No matter where you are located, be sure to ask about our 90 mph wind warranty.*** Our sales team will help you to determine which type of anchoring system you need. Is your area not very windy at all? Still, you don’t want to be blown away! American Steel will hold it down, as all of our units come with our standard rebar anchors at no additional charge. It’s important to note that warranties are not available with our rebar anchors as they are considered pins.


Needless to say, American Steel Carports makes the grade, scoring 100% when it comes to offering its customers the quality and protection that they deserve. Be sure to explore all of your warranty options with one of our educated sales reps. At American Steel, your visions are unbounded and will surely be “built to last.”


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*Four-season workmanship warranty: American Steel warrants for a period of 1 year from the date of complete installation against defects in workmanship, assuming normal user care and maintenance. See contract for more details.

**12-gauge tubing: 2-1/4” 20-year limited warranty on rust throughout framing, assuming normal user care and maintenance. See contract for more details.

***90 mph wind warrantyValid with a qualifying anchoring system. See contract for more details.


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