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What Dimensions Should I Use?

What Dimensions Should I Use?

“What dimensions are you looking for?”


You freeze, and reply, “Well, for two small cars, big enough to fit a pick-up truck, just for a small RV.”


When it comes to measurements, one has to remain aware. . They  are really important in the creation of any type of construction ‒ especially when it comes to metal garages due to the protection of our vehicles .


American Steel Carports offers a variety of dimensions and customizations tailored to fit your needs. We can arrive at an idea of the sizes you need based on what you plan to use the unit for.  Our goal is to meet your expectations and work with the dimension you’re looking for‒that’s why we have brainstormed a handful of ideas and helpful solutions for the most common asked questions.


What type of vehicle do you own? We want to give enough space for your vehicle’s doors to open, especially if you are considering a metal garage or an enclosed metal building. Another essential factor to consider is the height of the building. There are vehicles who have big trunks, and by opening it completely, there’s the risk of the trunk hitting the roof of the building. In other words, extra space is required to better accommodate your prized possessions. .


Take an example of this pick-up truck and the dimension that best accommodates to:



Truck spacing

**Note: This is an approximation. If a truck has been customized or altered, the dimensions might vary. It’s better to have the exact measurements to have satisfactory results. **



Here is another example of a standard vehicle, and the dimensions that best fit it.




Car spacing



Width Dimension Approximation
12’ Single Vehicle
18’ 2 Compact Cars
20’ 2 Mid-Sized Cars
22’ 2 Trucks, Cars, or SUVs
24’ 2 Oversized or Full Trucks or Cars
26’ 3 Mid-Sized Trucks or Cars



American Steel Carports can work with any measures requested by our customers.  We aim to  exceed your expectations, and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. The best way to have pleasant results is to know or have an estimate on the measures of the metal building you’re planning to acquire. Keep in mind that we also count with a site evaluation crew to better meet your needs.  You can always ask for suggestions, or any other questions that you have concerns.
Please feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to assist you. American Steel Carports. Versatile. Strong. Built to Last. 


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