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What Paint Colors to Choose for Your Metal Building

What Paint Colors to Choose for Your Metal Building

When you get started on a project to create a new metal building on your property, the paint colors for that building probably won’t be your first priority. Instead, you’ll be thinking about other important things like the size of the building, the various custom features it includes, the foundation, and more. Getting all of those points right is going to make it much easier to enjoy the use of the space for years to come.  

At some point, however, your attention will turn to painting. This article will offer some practical tips to help you make an informed choice on what paint colors would be a good option for this structure. And, when you are ready to get started on the project, be sure to turn to American Steel Carports, Inc. to handle it. Our Build & Price tool makes it easy to get going, and you can simply contact us if you have any questions along the way.  

Paint Starts with the Surroundings 

Before you get into the specifics of what shades are available and which ones might work for your needs, it’s a good idea to think about the big picture and consider the surroundings of the building on your property. For example, if your building is placed among a bunch of large green trees, going with a shade of green might not be the best choice. It could wind up blending in but not quite matching, and the finished look may not be something you enjoy.  

Likewise, you’ll want to think about how the building is going to look if it is somewhat close to another structure on your property, like your house. Going with a similar – but not quite the same – color on the metal building could lead to a situation where the two clash and don’t really please the eye. In that situation, intentionally going with a nice contrast instead of picking two shades that are close together will likely be the best bet.  

Consider Paint Traditions 

There is some room in this discussion to think about traditional colors for the type of building that you are creating. The most obvious example of this concept is painting a barn red. While you are free to paint a metal barn building any color you would like, going with red will be a nod to tradition and will immediately signal to everyone what that building is used for on your property.  

Along the same lines, there might be certain colors that are popular in your area for traditional reasons, such as the support of a local sports team. This could be another factor that you keep in mind when making your selection. The building will likely be seen by plenty of people who aren’t actually on your property, so you could offer a nod to the local culture by picking something that is popular wherever you live.  

Paints Energy Retention 

You should also keep in mind the practical element of energy retention when painting your building. If you want the building to gather and retain heat, going with a dark shade – or simply going with black – is the way to go. This will collect as much available heat from the sun as possible, and it should serve to warm the building.  

On the flip side, if you would like to keep that heat out to the greatest extent possible, try white paint or something similarly light. Using such paint won’t entirely block out the radiant energy from the sun, of course, but it will reflect some of it away and keep the building a bit cooler than it would have been otherwise. If this building is going to be a place where you work and spend time regularly, picking paint strategically to help control the temperature is a smart move.  

Go With Your Gut 

At some point, it’s a wise move to stop thinking too much about the selection and just go with what feels right. In the end, no matter the color, you are still going to be left with a useful metal building that can help you get more work done or get more value out of the property you own. So, even if you pick the color for no other reason than it’s one of your favorites and you want to see it on the building each morning, that’s enough to make the choice and move forward with the project.  

American Steel Has You Covered 

Can you change the color of the paint on your metal building later? Yes, but it would be better to avoid that hassle and just get the selection right the first time. With the help of the ideas in this article, you should be able to make informed paint choices that you will be happy with from day one, what ever you choose, we are here to help make it a reality.  


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