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What Standard RV Garage Door Sizes You Need?

What Standard RV Garage Door Sizes You Need?

Given the wide range of garage sizes that exist today, it only makes sense that plenty of different garage door sizes are available, as well. Not only would a big garage with a small roll-up door look pretty silly, but it would also fall short on functionality. It’s important to pair the size of your door to the size of the garage itself, to make sure it will serve your needs properly for years to come.  

In this post, we are going to look at some standard garage door sizes and what they can be used to accomplish. Of course, if you need to build a new garage, you have come to the right place – American Steel Carports, Inc. would love to help you with that project. Check out our Build & Price tool to see what is possible, and always feel free to contact us if you need assistance.  

A Standard Garage Door 

There isn’t a single standardized garage door size that will apply across the board and in every situation. However, if you are talking about a single-car garage door, you are probably looking at something that is roughly 7 feet tall and about 8 feet wide. If you are thinking that this kind of door sounds pretty small, that’s because it is – you’ll only be able to fit a single passenger vehicle through such a door, and even at that, it might be kind of a tight fit.  

For that reason, many people will design their garage in such a way that it can at least fit a double-wide door, which will still have the same height of around 7 feet, but it will be approximately 16 feet wide. As you can imagine, it’s much easier to fit things through the door when the garage is 16 feet wide instead of 8, so this is a big upgrade. Even if you only want to park one vehicle in that garage, having the freedom of space that is offered by a double-wide door will be a luxury that you will never regret adding to the building.  

Important RV Garage Door Size Considerations 

If the only types of vehicles that will be going into the garage are passenger cars, you won’t need to worry about the height of your door – a standard door should be fine from a height perspective. That story changes, however, if you own an RV and would like to bring it into the garage, either for storage or for maintenance. RVs, of course, are significantly taller than passenger cars, so you can’t afford to overlook this aspect.  

So, how tall does a garage door need to be in order to properly accommodate an RV? Well, that depends on the RV in question, of course, but 12 feet is a good starting point that will work for most standard rigs. If you have a typical RV that isn’t one of the biggest models on the market, a 12-foot-tall door should serve you just fine. One other point to keep in mind on door height is the slope of the entry to the garage – if you are coming down a hill into the garage, the RV will be effectively taller as it enters, and you might need additional height to make your way in safely.  

Think About the Garage Size, As Well 

Don’t get so caught up in thinking about the size of the doors that you forget to make sure the overall size of the garage is going to suit your needs. As a general rule of thumb, you always want to build a garage that is slightly larger than what you think you need at the moment. By going up just a bit in size – assuming you have the land available to do so – you can ensure that this garage will keep working well for you in the future, even as your needs evolve.  

One common mistake that people make when building a garage is that they think about all of the things they want to put in the garage, but don’t think much about having space to walk around and actually use the garage to get things done. You don’t want to put all of your stuff in the new garage only to find that you can’t do anything because the space is so full. Account for plenty of empty floor space in your plans and using the garage will be far more enjoyable as a result.  

Build a Custom Garage with American Steel 

We hope the information above will help you make a quick and accurate decision about the right garage door size for your upcoming project. American Steel Carports, Inc. would love to play a role in helping you create the ideal garage for your needs, so take a moment today to reach out and learn more about what we offer. Our team is excited to serve you! 


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