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Where Can I Store My Boat?

Where Can I Store My Boat?

The fun part of owning a boat is spending beautiful days with family and friends on the water. Those are the times you dream of when making your purchase – but another side of boat ownership needs to be handled properly. Of course, that side is the storage of your boat when it isn’t in use. Where is your boat going to live?

Plenty of options are available on this point, so we’d like to dive into the topic in the article below. If you decide that building a new metal structure on your property is the right solution, American Steel Carports, Inc. would be happy to help with that project. We have created an intuitive Build & Price tool to allow you to customize a design, and you can always contact us if any questions come up. Let’s get started today!

The First Decision – Inside or Out?

Consider whether you want to store your boat inside or out in the elements as a starting point. Obviously, when stored indoors, the boat will be protected from the elements and will likely last longer. Also, a boat stored indoors may need less maintenance than one kept out in the open.

With that said, storing a boat inside means you’ll have to move it outside each time you want to use it. That may or may not be a big deal depending on how you plan to use your boat, but it is at least something to consider. Also, if you own a large boat, you may need to find (or create) a rather big indoor space where it can be housed.

We should point out that you can split the difference between these two options and store your boat under a carport. With a sturdy metal carport, your boat will live under a roof, but it will be open on the sides. This could be a good compromise that gives you a bit of the best of both worlds.

At Home or Near the Water?

Assuming you don’t live on the shores of the water where you’ll be using your boat, you will need to decide if you want to keep it by the water or at home. Storing your boat near the water is obviously convenient, but it comes with an ongoing rental cost that could be significant.

When you keep your boat at home, you always have it close at hand to do any required maintenance or repair work. Also, you can create your own structure for storage, such as a carport or garage from American Steel Carports, Inc. Once you have constructed the storage building, which is a one-time cost, you’ll be free from any monthly rent payments that would have been required to store your boat at the marina.

Seeing the Big Picture

It’s best to remember the big picture when deciding which approach to boat storage will be best for your needs. Think about both the costs associated with each option and the impact those options will have on your boat. For example, simply parking your boat outside on your own property is likely the cheapest choice, but it won’t do anything to protect the condition of the vessel. Over time, a rather significant degradation could occur because it’s been left out in the weather.

On the other end of the spectrum, indoor storage at a marina facility on the water would offer protection and tons of convenience. But such storage is very expensive, and you will likely grow tired of that monthly bill sooner rather than later. Your boat will remain in great shape for years to come, but the same can’t be said about your budget.

Covered, protected storage that you create on your own property walks the line between these two extremes. The boat gets protected, which is important, but you avoid the ongoing costs of rented space, which is also important. As you think about storage over the long run, this is likely the best way to go for most boat owners.

How Can We Help?

The great thing about turning to American Steel Carports, Inc. to solve your boat storage problem is the value you’ll get from this purchase. We offer fair prices on durable structures that are sure to serve you well for years. With the right design for your needs, this new metal building is going to create a comfortable and secure place for your boat to live while out of the water. Contact us today.



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