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Work Van Storage Ideas

Work Van Storage Ideas

Vans are essential tools for millions of workers. If you drive a work van each day, you will need a safe and protected place to keep that van at night, so that it is always ready to go the next morning. Rather than parking in your driveway or on the street, look to find another solution that will help keep your van in great condition for years to come. View our work van storage ideas, and customize a carport to fit your exact needs with our Build & Price Tool!

Inside Your Existing Garage

If you have an attached garage as part of your home, you might be tempted to simply park inside that space. And, for some people, this will be a suitable solution. However, this approach has a few drawbacks worth noting, including the points:

Loss Of Storage Space

Many homeowners use their garage for storage, and you will lose a large chunk of your available space if you decide to park your work van inside the garage. Remember, you need to have enough room not only for the van itself, but also for you to get in and out, load tools/equipment, and store your items. If you don’t happen to need much storage space in your garage, this sacrifice might be worth it to you, but think it through carefully before going with this plan.

May Not Be Big Enough

It’s also possible that you might not be able to fit your work van inside your attached garage. Most attached garages are designed to fit passenger vehicles rather than work vehicles. Specifically, you might have a height issue to deal with, especially if your van carries equipment like ladders on top. You’ll need to measure carefully to make sure you don’t have an unwelcome accident when you try to pull in for the first time.

Needs May Change

Even if parking in the attached garage works for now, that might not always be the case—so you might have to find a new solution later on down the line. Instead of putting this problem off until later, you could opt for a permanent solution now so that you are free to use your garage as you wish in the years to come.

Adding a Metal Carport

Perhaps the most cost-effective solution for your work van storage needs is a metal carport. This is a basic structure that will offer you covered parking at an affordable price. There are many advantages to opting for a metal carport beyond just the affordable cost, including the ease of construction, minimal site prep, durability, low maintenance, and more. Simply put, there is a lot to like about metal carports, and they make a great solution for work van storage.

If you do opt for a metal carport, it’s best to go with a company that you can trust, such as American Steel Carports, Inc. Working with us on this project will not only ensure that you receive a quality product, but it will also grant you excellent customer service. There are plenty of businesses today that will sell you a carport, but it’s important you choose one with the experience and reputation needed to meet your needs.

Upgrading to a Detached Garage

For some buyers, a basic carport just isn’t going to offer enough protection for their work van. If that is the case for you, a better solution may be a detached metal garage. This option provides you with many of the same benefits as a metal carport–such as low cost, low maintenance, and ease of construction–but it also creates an enclosed space that keeps the weather out.

With a detached garage, you’ll have a place to park that you can lock up at night. Also, you will be able to design the garage to meet your needs, meaning you could build in some storage space for work supplies that may otherwise need to be stored in your main attached garage (or another shed). For the additional investment that comes along with building an enclosed structure rather than a carport, you get many added benefits and a perfect place to leave your work van when each day is done.

American Steel Carports, Inc. Is Ready to Serve You

We hope you consider implementing these work van storage ideas! Building a new detached metal garage or carport is a great way to create a dedicated parking spot for your work van. These options are affordable, they protect from the elements, and they will last a long time when you order from a trusted supplier like American Steel Carports, Inc.


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