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Standard Garage

Whether the purpose of your metal building is to store your vehicle or your belongings, American Steel Carports will provide you with the highest quality and most durable material in the market.


At American Steel Carports, we’re proud to say that we only sell engineer-certified buildings that will last for a long time. Keep in mind that we offer a one-year workmanship warranty. If you happen to purchase your building during the summer, you will always have time to check if there are any leaks or issues with your building during the winter or rainy season.


Most of our customers opt for a standard roof, one of the most economical roof options that we offer. For example, take this incredible 20’W x 31’L x 8’H in 14 gauge with a standard roof. It has a great value and can be used as a garage or storage room. The design may look simple, but it’s strong enough to resist any harsh weather. Remember, you can always add the 90-mph wind warranty when you purchase all anchors needed for your unit.


• 20’W x 31’L x 8’H

• 14 Gauge

• 10’x8′ Roll-Up Door (Front)

• 8’x6′ Roll-Up Door (On the side)

• 36″x72″ Walk-In Door

• 30″x30″ Window

• Mobile Home Anchors



With the many different options that we offer, you can build the carport of your dreams. We will always make sure that we’re meeting your needs and specifications. Additionally, with 12 different colors you can choose from, you can add your own personal touch to your building.


Do you have questions about our buildings? Do you want to get a quote on a project that you already have in mind? Give us a call! One of your representatives will be happy to answer your questions. And don’t forget to check out our standard garages for more ideas and designs.




Versatile. Strong. Built to Last.