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Multiple Side Entry Carport


American Steel Carports can work with a variety of customization, and special requests from our customers. Many of our customers prefer to add extra trusses in order to better fortify their metal carports when it comes to snow loads. However, some customers prefer to take out legs to make better use of their metal carport. We will work with the designs our customers have in mind, and we will certify them in order to better serve our customers.


Take a look at this dashing metal carport with multiple side entries:



22x51x12 A-FV 12G (1)

— 22W x 51L x 12H — A-Frame Vertical Roof — 12 Gauge — 2 Sides (3 Ft) — 2 Gables (TX Cut) — 2 Inch Nipples — 10 Ft Header — 90 Mph Wind Warranty


22x51x12 A-FV 12G (2)


22x51x12 A-FV 12G (3)


22x51x12 A-FV 12G (4)


22x51x12 A-FV 12G (5)



Our goal is to exceed your expectations and meet the style you have in mind. The best part about our metal carports is that you don’t have to worry about installation ‒ we count with the best installers in town to provide excellent service.

Give us a call, we will be more than happy to help and provide you with a free quote.