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How Long Can It Go?


Have you ever wondered how long a metal carport can stand?


We count with the most professional and experienced installers in the area to make big things come to life. Customization is a great option when it comes to our units. No matter how big you want it, thanks to our engineers, we guarantee the structure with durability.



Take a look at this incredible 24×80 ft  metal carport.




24x80x12 (1)

12-gauge galvanize tubing.



24x80x12 with Horizontal Sides



24x80x12 A-Frame Roofing







That’s right – an 80 ft long metal carport.






24x80x12, A-Frame Vertical Style



Two 24x80x12 in 12-gauge, Horizontal Sides, Horizontal Ends, A-Frame Vertical Style




24x80x12 in 12-gauge, Horizontal Sides, Horizontal Ends, A-Frame Vertical Style


24x80x12 (2)









This is how long it can go when you decide to choose American Steel Carports. With these types of customizations, we prove there is no such thing as a limit, and the best part is that we will certify your building in order to provide you with the best experience.


When it comes to long buildings like the one stated above, it’s recommended to upgrade to a 12- gauge tubing in order to get an additional 20-year warranty on the rust through of the frame.


Keep in mind that a one-year warranty workmanship is standard with all of our products, that’s one of the advantages when you decided to go for American Steel Carports.


We’re here to help. Give us a call – our representatives will be happy to resolve any questions or concerns that you might have.


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