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Dealer Profile – Ron Clark of Texoma TNT in Witchita Falls, Texas

There is a saying in marketing that goes, “Good conversation will drive traffic”. Nothing could be truer when it comes to Ron Clark of Texoma TNT of Wichita Falls, Texas. Ron is great to talk to, then combine that with the fact that he knows the product inside and out and you have a top-notch buying experience. Ron takes great satisfaction in the fact that American Steel buildings are high quality at an affordable price and has enjoyed partnering up with them.  When I asked him why a customer should choose him, he quickly answered, “I have knowledge”. That was also the advice he had for future dealers; knowledge of product from top to bottom. He pointed out that by ordering from him you can be assured to have someone in your corner the whole time.

As a final question, I always like to ask, what concert would they want to see.  Well, Ron first responded he wouldn’t. Then, remembered the time when he was younger and drove a bunch of friends to Dallas to see a concert. Only he stayed outside in the bed of the truck listening to the music and drinking cold beer.     

We are proud to have Ron on board as a dealer for us and can assure that he will take perfect care of you.

Find Ron’s dealership information below:


(800) 313-2046