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Mini Storage Installed in New Mexico

It’s mini storage time!


In need of a metal storage building? Are you worried about the size? American Steel Carports is here for you to build that storage building according to your needs.


If the size of a storage building is one of your concerns, then it’s more likely that a mini-storage will work for you. Our mini storages tend to be more affordable than a regular enclosed building, with the same freedom of adding certain features; not to mention that all our mini storages come with a ¾” pressure treated wood floor.


Take this 12’W x 16’L x 7’H mini storage in 12-G installed in Tijeras, New Mexico as an example:



Most of our mini storages come with a 6’x6′ roll-up door or a walk-in door depending on the size of the mini-storage. This particular one does have a 6’x6′ roll-up door, it also has a vertical roof, and mobile home anchors.


Whether you’re wanting something a little shorter or less wide, our experts will help you build the perfect mini-storage for you.


Want to see more of our designs? Click here for more information or give us a call to speak with one of our representatives. Remember, we DO NOT provide any concrete work and the surface must be level in order to install your metal building.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Metal Garage in New Mexico

Allow your metal building to withstand all seasons with no problem at all!


When it comes to protection for your vehicle, there are many factors to consider before purchasing a metal garage. Depending on where you live, some factors will include snow loads, heavy rain, strong winds, etc. Lucky for you, American Steel Carports builds nothing but engineer-certified metal buildings.


Our A-frame vertical roof is the strongest of all. This option is engineered to allow snow, dirt, and rain to slide off without any difficulty. The ribs on the panels run from the peak of the roof toward the eaves. Hat channels are also added to further support the vertically running metal sheets. Remember that this roof style comes with a 6” overhang around the carport/garage, blocking a high percentage of precipitation from entering the unit.


Take a look at this 18’W x 26’L x 9’H in 14-Gauge metal building installed in Gallup, NM:



This metal building has our vertical roof with horizontal sides and ends and is rocking our pebble beige and earth brown colors. This building also has our 90-mph wind warranty, which becomes available when our customers purchase all of the required anchors.


Remember that American Steel Carports DOES NOT offer any concrete work, so the ground surface must be level before we can install your metal building.


Does it snow frequently in your area? Give us a call and let one of our sales representatives help you customize your metal building by adding extra reinforcement. Not sure what your building will look like? We can provide you with a sketch for visual purposes so that we’re on the same page according to your expectations. Remember, this is your building, your creation—and we want to deliver the best experience possible with our company.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Metal Storage Building with Skylights

The best way to keep your belongings protected from the blazing sun.


We offer many options to make your metal building look the way you want it. One of the most popular among our customers is the skylight, because what better way is there to have natural light in your building and go eco-friendly at the same time?


It’s easy to keep our units simple and unique.


We understand that any metal unit is a big investment. That’s why you can count on our experts to help you customize your building while keeping your budget in mind. Our sales representatives can help you add features and options that will benefit you in the area where you’re located.

A good example of a 24’W × 31’L × 11’H metal building with skylights is the one below:



• A-Frame Vertical Roof


• Horizontal Sides & Ends


• 4 – 10×10 Roll-Up Doors (2 on each end)


• 36×80 Walk-In Door (on the side)


• 4 – 3×4 Skylights


• Concrete Anchors (90-MPH Wind Warranty)




Check your county requirements before making a purchase.

Most counties have specific requirements for obtaining a building permit. Our customers need to check with their local building departments before doing anything else.


Contact us! Our sales representatives can help with any questions you have before purchasing a building. We also offer a live chat to assist you with quotes and questions. Don’t forget to check our blog section for more recently installed buildings and more information.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*