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The order is placed. What now?

Installation Process:


You have placed your order and are anxiously anticipating the scheduling of your steel carport or garage. Here are a few things that you should know to ensure that your scheduled delivery goes quickly and smoothly.


American Steel Carports receives orders daily; all new orders go through an intake process, which can take between 24-72 hours. Once accepted, you will be contacted for scheduling. The scheduling process can take between 2-4 weeks. Older orders receive priority; however, the estimation of the time associated with your scheduling will depend on the carport size, the local weather, and the amount of orders surrounding you. There are a few things that we recommend that our customers do while they wait for the scheduling of their new metal building.


Every county is different; we recommend that all customers check with their local code enforcement to ensure that their building order meets their area’s requirements and obtain permits if necessary. Remember, alterations to your order should be made prior to scheduling. American Steel Carports has trained sales reps and engineers to help answer your questions and to make any accommodations that you may need.


Whether you plan to have your metal garage or carport installed on ground, cement, gravel, or asphalt, a few things should be done prior to scheduling. It is of extreme importance that your area be level and clear of any debris. It is also important that you notify American Steel Carports should you plan to have your steel building installed over an item such as an RV, boat, or any other object. Additionally, any steel carport or garage that is installed on anything other than a surface at ground level needs to be mentioned upon ordering or prior to scheduling.


American Steel Carports asks our customers to help ensure our installers’ safety. Nobody knows your property as well as you do. However, by contacting “call before you dig 811” at least a few days prior to delivery and installation, you can schedule an appointment to have your underground pipes and electrical wires marked. This ensures the safety of our workers as well as of your property.


You have your area ready, and you just received the call from American Steel Carports notifying you that your order is ready and on the way! Your building material will arrive on site with the contractors who will be installing it. Our scheduling is given in windows based on the weather and the distance between each customer. American Steel Carports values you time and makes it a top priority to arrive within the original time frame given. Be that as it may, there are times when scheduling can be delayed or, in some cases, ahead of schedule. Due to the nature of this profession, flat tires, installation issues, and weather can contribute to delays in scheduling. Our friendly staff will contact you if changes to your scheduling should arise, and you are welcome to contact us as needed during your scheduled delivery.


Delivery and installation should be a hassle-free process. Allow American Steel Carports to treat you like royalty and offer you peace of mind in knowing that we will be there for you every step of the way.