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Flagstaff AZ RV Carport

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  • Delivered and Installed RV Carports!

    Look no further than the Flagstaff AZ RV Carport. With our all-inclusive pricing, you can enjoy hassle-free delivery and installation. A professional installation ensures that your Flagstaff AZ RV Carport is erected correctly, reducing potential issues arising from poor setup, such as stability concerns or inadequate anchoring. Installing a Flagstaff AZ RV Carport can be time-consuming, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. By having professionals handle it, you can save significant time.

  • Are RV Carports worth the investment?

    A Flagstaff AZ RV Carport offers a significant advantage when protecting your vehicles and equipment. These sturdy structures shield your RV against harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, and harmful UV rays from the sun. A Flagstaff AZ RV Carport can help you save money on costly repairs by reducing the risk of damage. Plus, storing your RV in a Flagstaff AZ RV Carport can help extend their lifespan, ultimately saving you money by reducing the need for premature replacements. Choose a Flagstaff AZ RV Carport for unbeatable protection and long-term savings.

  • What size should my RV Carport be?

    The size of a Flagstaff AZ RV Carport depends on the size of your RV and any additional accessories or features. Most RVs will measure 8' Wide, but that doesn't consider your RV's Slide Outs; for most RVs, 18' Wide will be the ideal width with anything wider, allowing for extra space. We recommend measuring how long your RV is and adding 5' - 8' in length to allow for additional shade around the front and back. Generally, an RV carport's maximum clearance height is 13'6". For this, we recommend 14' Legs on your Flagstaff AZ RV Carport; this allows for easy access and sufficient clearance for most standard-sized RVs.

  • How are RV Carports Anchored?

    Depending on the foundation used, the Flagstaff AZ RV Carport can be anchored using different anchoring methods including Concrete Wedge Anchors, Asphalt Barbed Anchors, or Mobile Home Auger Anchors. These anchoring options ensure stability and secure the carport to the ground. Factors such as local building codes, soil conditions, and the RV carport's design influence the choice of anchoring method.

One of the main selling points for Flagstaff AZ RV Carport of all shapes and sizes is their affordable nature. These are structures that tend to go up quickly and without the expense of wood framed buildings. If it is cost savings that you are after, you will be hard-pressed to do better than an Flagstaff AZ RV Carport. This is a simple, durable, affordable structure with a surprisingly long list of benefits. Explore our prebuilt designs below, or build a custom structure to meet your exact specifications.

Flagstaff AZ RV Carport BREAKDOWN!

Get the inside scoop on the Flagstaff AZ RV Carport

Dimensions 12' Wide x 45' Long x 12' Tall
Roof style Standard
Gauge 14 Gauge
Sides Enclosed Sides
Ends (1) Enclosed End
Add-ons DISCLAIMER: pricing may vary by region/county to meet state codes and regulations.


With 14 color options available, you can create a carport that complements your home perfectly!

Barn Red Color Swatch
Black Color Swatch
Burgundy Color Swatch
Clay Color Swatch
Earth Brown Color Swatch
White Color Swatch
Evergreen Color Swatch
Galvalume Color Swatch
Light Stone Color Swatch
Pebble Beige Color Swatch
Pewter Gray Color Swatch
Quaker Gray Color Swatch
Rawhide Color Swatch
Royal Blue Color Swatch
Slate Blue Color Swatch


Our Boat Carport are engineered to meet or exceed your local county codes, ensuring your valuables are safe for the years to come.


To give you peace of mind, we provide a 20-year rust warranty (on our 12-gauge tubing). American Steel also offers a 10 Year Paint Warranty on our 29 Gauge Sheet Metal and 20 Years on our 26 Gauge Sheet Metal.


Delivery and Installation is included in the price of our Boat Carport! Provide us with a level surface, and we will cover the rest.

90 mph wind warranty

Boat Carport are stronger & Lasts Longer. With the optional wind warranty package, your structure is guaranteed to withstand harsh winds, plain and simple.


Our Boat Carport are reinforced with bracing on every corner and center of every truss. These braces ensure your shelter remains squared and stable for extra strength while preventing the roof from caving.


Boat Carport with the 4 season workmanship warranty, we stand behind our Boat Carport throughout the four seasons. Your Boat Carport unit will be protected from natural elements such as heavy snow loads, harsh winds, blazing heat, and anything in between. WE GOT YOU COVERED

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