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Pool Storage Sheds from American Steel Carports

Pool Storage Sheds from American Steel Carports

There are few amenities that bring summer to life more than a swimming pool. When you have a nice place to take a dip, those long, sunny summer days are a treat each time they arrive. Of course, a pool comes along with a lot of supplies, in the form of maintenance equipment, toys, and more. However, these handy pool storage sheds from American Steel Carports, Inc. can help you stay organized!

American Steel Carports, Inc. has a variety of metal shed options that are affordable, durable, and fully customizable. Use our Build & Price Tool to explore the many possibilities for your new structure, and receive an instant quote!

It’s About Convenience

Could you store your pool supplies somewhere else, such as in your garage? Of course. But that garage probably isn’t anywhere near the pool, making it a major inconvenience. And, you’ll be using up valuable garage storage space that could be used for your vehicles and other possessions.

With a metal shed right next to the pool—or only a short walk away—your life as a pool owner will get much easier. Need to bring out a few maintenance supplies to care for the water and get it ready for tomorrow’s party? No problem. Need to stash away your pool toys after a day of playing? You’ll be able to toss everything inside, shut the door, and go on with your day.

Don’t Break the Bank

Owning a pool is a ton of fun—but it’s not exactly cheap. In addition to the cost of installing the pool, there are ongoing maintenance and operating costs to consider. With that in mind, adding an affordable metal storage shed is a great way to optimize your pool area without adding too much cost.

You might first think about a wood structure when you picture a shed, but metal is an attractive alternative. When comparing metal and wood sheds, you’ll enjoy significantly lower construction costs with a metal structure and fewer maintenance requirements as the years go by. Also, metal sheds are easy to customize, especially when your order from American Steel Carports, Inc. Our handy Build & Price tool allows you to adapt the design to meet your exact needs!


Design Your Shed

Make a List of Equipment and Supplies

Before you place an order for a new shed, it would be a good idea to document what will need to be stored in the shed. The last thing you want is to have your shed constructed only to find later that it is not going to be big enough for everything you’d like to store. Some items you might consider keeping in your shed include:

  • Pool maintenance equipment
  • Swim toys
  • Patio furniture
  • Landscaping equipment (leaf blower, shovels, rakes, etc.)

It’s important to remember that your storage needs may change as time goes by. So, in addition to accounting for everything you need to store now, design your shed with a little extra room that can be used down the line.

Picking the Right Site

Along with determining what is going to go in your new structure, you also need to figure out where to put the shed. On this point, you should try to strike the perfect balance in terms of distance. On the one hand, you want the shed close enough to the pool to be convenient for storage and retrieval. On the other hand, you don’t want it so close that it interferes with the use of the pool in any way.

Start by looking off to the sides of the pool for a relatively level, open space. You’ll want to set the shed back far enough to allow for plenty of room to walk around the pool. Also, wherever the shed lands, you’ll want to think about finishing the ground surface between the shed and the pool, so you don’t have to walk through grass or dirt to get there.

An Attractive Addition

If you have been putting off the idea of adding a storage shed because you are concerned about how it will look, take a moment to explore the shed options here at American Steel Carports, Inc. We think you will find our structures to be visually appealing, and you can select from a long list of colors to make sure your shed looks great with the rest of your landscaping!

Purchase a Shed from American Steel Carports, Inc.!

Enjoying your pool with family and friends is far easier if the space is organized and free from clutter. That’s why you should browse the quality pool storage sheds from American Steel Carports, Inc.! Also, be sure to explore our Build & Price tool to see the many possibilities for your new structure.


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