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Custom Metal Building From Arkansas

Wouldn’t it be great if metal buildings, such as garages, workshops, or even barns, were built in a more residential style? American Steel Carports has taken its buildings to the next level. We want to make sure that we meet all your expectations and provide you with high-quality products, most importantly with certified buildings that will last for years.


Many of our customers add lean-tos to their structures, and the way they use them varies with their specific needs. This 30’W x 61’L x 12’H metal structure built in Arkansas is a perfect example of how our buildings can be adapted to a residential style. It also uses our new deluxe windows, and has the A-frame vertical roof style on both the structure itself and the lean-to.


• 2 – 10’x8 Roll-Up Doors (front and back)

• 6 – Windows

• Walk-In Door (on the side)

• 12’W x 61’L x 11’/8’H Lean-To

• A-Frame Vertical Roof

• Gable End




A-Frame Vertical Roofs allow for easy maintenance because the panels are all siding, from the peak to the eaves. They let water, snow, and dirt run off easily.


Impressive, isn’t it? And we can change the building’s dimensions to suit your needs. This is just a small preview of what we can offer you. Remember, it’s your ideas that make the difference with your metal buildings. And with thirteen (13) colors to choose from, you can add your personal touch.



Need help with a quote? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you. And don’t forget to visit our products section for more ideas and details.



Hexagonal Barn in New Mexico


American Steel Carports takes pride in having happy and satisfied customers when it comes to building their own creations. Because steel can be easily customized, we can transform any kind of design into a reality, not to mention that we will certify your creation to last for many years.



Do you have any drawings? No problem—our engineering department will take care of turning your drawings into a unique design.



Take, for example, this incredible building with a hexagonal roof and a lean-to. Our customer didn’t mention what the structure would be used for; however, the unit can be used as a barn to store farm equipment, hay, and animal feed.



Hexagonal roofing, Metal Hexagonal Building

18x26x9 Hexagonal Roof Vertical Siding, with a Lean-To of 10x26x7. 2 Windows, 10×10 Roll-Up Door, 36×80 Walk-In Door



The structure was made with 12-gauge tubing, which automatically gives the building a 20-year warranty on rust-through of the framing. In addition, the hexagonal roof is in vertical style; this kind of roofing is the most recommendable when it comes to maintenance. Because the sheets are placed vertically, water, snow, leaves, or dirt will run-off very easily without the need of a constant care.


This kind of vertical style on a horizontal roof makes the structure a unique American Steel Carports feature.



18x26x9 HEX (2)

18x26x9 Hexagonal Roof Vertical Siding, with a Lean-To of 10x26x7. 2 Windows, 10×10 Roll-Up Door, 36×80 Walk-In Door, Horizontal Sides.



Amazing, isn’t it? Our customer chose traditional barn colors, but remember that you can choose the colors you want on your building; we have a variety of them. You can always check them out by clicking here. Need color samples? Give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to send you the colors you want to see.



Do you have a design in mind? Do you have any questions or concerns? Give us a call! Our friendly staff will be happy to give you a free quote. Don’t forget to visit our products sections for more ideas.



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