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The Right Protection for Your Belongings

The beauty of steel buildings is that they can be shifted and transformed into any shape or size. Unlike wood buildings, steel offers the versatility and protection that you need for your belongings and vehicles. When you choose a reliable company like American Steel Carports, you will never have to worry that your belongings aren’t well-protected.


Check out this 24’W x 41’L x 9’H metal building that’s rocking our evergreen color:


• A-Frame Horizontal Roof
• Horizontal Sides & Ends
• 2 – Windows
• 36×80 Walk-In-Door
• 2 – 10×8 Roll-Up Doors
• Mobile Home Anchors



Our A-frame Horizontal roofs (boxed eave) offer a residential style look, which would help your metal building blend in easily.



There are endless ways to customize your metal building. Whether you’re looking for an RV cover, a metal shed, a two-car garage, or a mini-storage, American Steel Carports covers it all! Give us a call and let one of our team members assist you with any questions you may have. Remember that all of our metal buildings are made to meet your needs and requirements; the buildings that we post are just live examples from customers who let their ideas flow and allow us to transform them into a reality.



Don’t wait too long to get that metal building of your dreams installed. Call us now and ask to speak with one of our sales representatives. Want to see our buildings in person? Ask for your local dealer! And don’t forget to ask about our financing options.

Looking for Your Own Workshop?

Our busy season is right around the corner, so don’t hesitate too much: get protection, durability, quality, and strength for the lowest price with American Steel Carports! If you’re spending too much time on the internet trying to find a reliable company with reliable products, then you’ve come to the right place! With over 20 years in this business, we know exactly how to deliver a great experience with our steel buildings.


Fully enclosed metal buildings can be used for many different purposes. You can use your building as a metal garage, or you can transform it into a workshop where you can work on your vehicles. We’re here to meet all of your expectations and needs, whatever suits you best. Need some motivation to get your metal building? Take a look at this 30’W x 31’L x 10’H steel workshop:



This workshop is fully equipped with an insulated vertical roof, two (2) 10’ x 9’ roll-up doors, and a walk-in door, all in 12-gauge.


Remember that all of our buildings are custom made, and they’re designed to meet your needs and expectations. Want something similar to this? Want to add additional features? Give us a call and let one of our experts help you create that steel workshop of your dreams! And don’t forget to ask about our financing options.

Benefits of a Steel Barn on Your Property

Owning business property or a residential property with a healthy amount of land may mean you also own equipment and tools that need a sturdy and protective storage option. Traditional properties like farms might utilize a wood barn, but there are benefits to upgrading to a metal barn. If you haven’t yet decided on a structure for your property, or you’re seeking a new type of structure, a metal barn could be the answer to your storage needs.


Benefits of a Steel BarnGarden Sheds


When you choose to purchase a steel barn from American Steel Carports, Inc., you’ll find that your overall costs for equipment and tool replacement go down because of the protection a metal barn offers. Here are some other benefits you’ll see when you choose to build a steel barn on your property.


Say Goodbye to Rust and Extra Wear. Tools and machinery that are left outside rust quickly and slowly begin to degrade. The tool set you use to work on a particular piece of equipment might have a lifespan of 25 years, but letting those tools sit outside without a cover may mean those tools aren’t worth their weight in scrap after just a few years.


Protect Animals Like Horses. Although many property owners choose to store their animals in traditional wooden barns, a metal structure is an excellent option for providing a safe environment for the animals. It’s easy to keep the interior of a steel structure dry, so animals like horses won’t have to deal with the dampness that could result from other types of barns.


Increase the Value of Your Farm or Property. A sturdy and well-made steel structure can provide functionality for your property, as well as an increase in its value. A nicely maintained steel barn looks updated and professional and can help when (or if) you decide to sell your property.


Replacing an Old Wooden Barn


Antique barns are a beautiful part of the countryside in many areas of the United States, but there are some benefits to replacing a barn that requires extensive renovation. Not only can you sell the wood of the barn to buyers who will transform the pieces into “reclaimed” pieces of furniture, but you can also benefit from a new steel barn that doesn’t require as much maintenance and repair.


A steel barn is an exceptional investment because it doesn’t require as much regular maintenance as a traditional barn. The time, energy, and money you must put into maintaining a wooden barn might be better spent on other projects. In addition to the low maintenance of a metal barn versus a wooden barn, the structure will also last many decades, which means an excellent investment value.


Steel Barns from American Steel Carports, Inc.


Are you interested in upgrading or replacing the barn on your property? Is it time to build a new barn for your farm? Discover how a new steel barn may offer you a wealth of benefits. Contact us at American Steel Carports, Inc. for more information.

A Simple Design is Enough for Protection

It’s crazy to think that May is coming to an end and summer is just around the corner. With the increasing temperatures, though, it’s obvious that the heat will stick with us for some time. This means that we need to keep our belongings protected from the blazing sun.


Our company offers numerous designs and colors for you to choose from. However, that doesn’t mean that a simple design won’t protect your belongings from mother nature. Standard roofs are one of the most economical options that we offer, since the roof is included in the base price. For folks living in areas that rarely get snow, this roof style might be perfect. Take a look at this 18’W x 36’L x 11’H metal building:


Standard Roof
36×72 Walk-In Door (side)
10×10 Roll-Up Door (front end)


This metal building can be used as a storage room, a garage, or even a workshop, and the combination of the barn red and white colors gives it a very unique look.


You can order yours today! All you need to do is give us a call, and one of our experts will help you place your order! Want to see our buildings in person? Call us now and ask for your local dealer! And don’t forget to ask about our financing options.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof vs. A-Frame Vertical Roof

There are many options on how to customize a carport or metal building. Roof styles being one of those options. Although the following two that we’re about to mention are not the only options available, they are our most popular options. They are also hard to choose from unless you fully understand the orientation and reasoning behind the price difference.


The A-Frame Horizontal Roof (Boxed-Eave) is popular due to its residential style look. The ridges on the roof run front to back in sync with the roof line. This style is commonly used in areas that do not have much snow or rain fall but are not limited to those area. The panels run horizontally, so the unit requires a little maintenance to keep debris from piling up along the ridges.



A-Frame Horizontal Roof



The A-Frame Vertical Roof is our upgraded roof option. The ridges on this roof style run top to bottom from the peak down to the eaves. This option is popular in regions with heavy snow and rainfall. The direction of the panels makes it easy for debris to run off smoothly. This style of roof is the most expensive due to the extra material and reinforcement required for installation. Although this roof style is popular in areas with lots of snow and rain, many customers across the country still opt for his option due to the easy maintenance, sturdiness and look.


A-Frame Vertical Roof


Steel Metal Garage in New Mexico

Would you like to design your own metal garage, but don’t know what kind of style might work for you?


Don’t worry American Steel Carports, Inc. has the most reliable metal buildings around the area to give you the best quality at the most affordable price.



Many of our customers, come up with their own ideas by referring to our products page. Apart from showing you the picture of the carport, we have also described the specs for you in order to give you an idea of what we offer. Remember that you can always add any extra features, as long as it doesn’t exceed the height, length or width.



A great example is this 30’W x 46’L x 12’H garage in 14-Gauge with two (2) 10’x10′ roll-up doors and a walk-in door installed in New Mexico:



This particular customer decided to go with an A-frame Vertical Roof in order to have an easy experience when it comes to maintenance. Vertical roofs offer the advantage of less maintenance. It lets water, snow, etc. run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof.



We want our customers to get exactly what they want, and what better way than to let them design their own metal buildings?


 Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with a quote or any questions you may have. Keep in mind that we offer financing. We want to give you the best experience when purchasing your first carport. Just give us a call for more information.



Strong. Versatile. Built to Last.