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Two-Car Garage Residential Style

At American Steel Carports, we want to meet your expectations and give you a few options and recommendations for your metal building or garage.



For example, we’ve seen many customers who feel that they need to build wider to make a garage for two vehicles, but who worry that this will increase the price. But putting roll-up doors on the sides is another good way to approach this, especially for two-vehicle garages. Roll-up doors on the sides definitely help make space for vehicles, and this can be adapted to a residential style too (by adding windows, doors, etc.) Please note: Leg height needs to be 1ft tallers than the door height.


This is a great example of a two-car garage installed in Bradford, Arkansas.







-Fully Vertical


-Three Windows (30″x30″)


-Two 9×7 Roll-Up Doors


-One Walk-In Door (36″x72″)



22x26x8 All Vertical (1)



22x26x8 All Vertical (2)



22x26x8 All Vertical (3)



22x26x8 All Vertical (4)



22x26x8 All Vertical



It’s stylish, but the best part is that the building is engineer-certified. This

unit was made from 12-gauge galvanized tubing, which gives it a 20-year warranty against rust-through of the framing. With the unit being fully vertical, it allows elements such as dirt, snow, water, etc. to run-off very easy, and it won’t require that much maintenance compared to a horizontal siding unit. It also has a 90 mph wind warranty when you purchase all anchors needed for it; in this case the customer had mobile home anchors.




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