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The Importance of Having Mobile Home/Asphalt/Concrete Anchors

“Why do I need a wind warranty? Nothing happens here anyway! The anchors are an unnecessary expense! I’ll just stick with the rebar anchors.”


These are some of the comments that we hear all the time. However, strong winds can always catch us by surprise, especially at the start of summer. It’s better to stay safe than be sorry later on.


One of the things you must know is that we do offer free rebar anchors (measuring 30”), but those are only temporary—they don’t come with any type of warranty. That’s why is important for you to consider one of our three other anchor choices that will prevent any type of damage to your carport.


We offer both asphalt and mobile home anchors (both measuring 30”) for $25.00 each. Both of these types of anchors stick up 2/5 inches off the ground (the same as the base rail). We also offer concrete anchors (measuring 7”) for $10.00 each.


Here are two examples of why it is so important for you to consider purchasing anchors instead of getting our free rebar ones:







It might seem as if the anchors would not make a difference, but they do, especially in the southern areas of the country.



Nobody but you knows the exact wind scenarios of your area. If you’re not sure about your wind concerns, you can always go to your local building department for more detailed information. Remember, we’re here to help! If you want us to certify your metal building for winds above 90 mph, let us know! We will have our engineering department help build your metal carport or metal garage to withstand those winds.


Give us a call! A sales representative will assist you with all of your questions and doubts. And don’t forget to look at our other products for more ideas or check our blog posts for examples of recent buildings.



Steel Metal Garage in New Mexico

Would you like to design your own metal garage, but don’t know what kind of style might work for you?


Don’t worry American Steel Carports, Inc. has the most reliable metal buildings around the area to give you the best quality at the most affordable price.



Many of our customers, come up with their own ideas by referring to our products page. Apart from showing you the picture of the carport, we have also described the specs for you in order to give you an idea of what we offer. Remember that you can always add any extra features, as long as it doesn’t exceed the height, length or width.



A great example is this 30’W x 46’L x 12’H garage in 14-Gauge with two (2) 10’x10′ roll-up doors and a walk-in door installed in New Mexico:



This particular customer decided to go with an A-frame Vertical Roof in order to have an easy experience when it comes to maintenance. Vertical roofs offer the advantage of less maintenance. It lets water, snow, etc. run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof.



We want our customers to get exactly what they want, and what better way than to let them design their own metal buildings?


 Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with a quote or any questions you may have. Keep in mind that we offer financing. We want to give you the best experience when purchasing your first carport. Just give us a call for more information.



Strong. Versatile. Built to Last.


Simple Garage, Same Strength

A simple way to keeping it simple. American Steel Carports offers a variety of garage styles, not to mention that we can customize our buildings according to our customers’ needs. We also offer the simplest garage buildings which are engineered certified and they’re built to last for a really long time.


Take an example of this 30’W x 31’L x 8’H fully vertical garage with the following features:



• 12 gauge (20 yr warranty)

• A-Frame vertical

• Vertical sides

• 9’x7′ roll-up door

• 36”x72” Walk-in door

• Fully Insulated (R-Value 16)

• 90 mph wind warranty



When it comes to our garages, we are open for ideas and requirements. We also like to keep things simple in order to provide an easier choice with the same strength and durability that American Steel Carports offers. Please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote.

Simple 2 Car Metal Garage

The beauty of the carport products is their versatility. Metal carports come in many different sizes and styles that allow our customers to customize them to fit their needs. Customer’s can choose to place their doors and windows anywhere on their metal building with minimum restrictions.


Check out this magnificent building installed in Louisiana. Our customer ordered this 24’W x 36’L x 11’H with the following features:


  • –  12 Gauge ( 20 Yr Warranty )
  • –   A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • –   Horizontal Sides & Ends
  • –  2 – 10’x10′ Roll-Up Doors
  • –  1 – 36″x72″ Walk In Door
  • –  Concrete Anchors


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Versatile. Strong. Built To Last.