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The Metal Workshop for You

Are you still wanting to get that metal workshop you’ve been thinking of? What about that garage for your toys? If the answer is yes, then you should let American Steel Carports help you out with that metal building of your dreams!


We specialize in engineer-metal structures and with over 20 years of experience, we know exactly how to customize your metal building according to your needs and requirements. Since we’re talking about metal buildings why don’t you take a look at this 24’W x 46’L x 12’H:


• A-Frame Horizontal Roof

• Horizontal Sides & Ends

• 36”x72” Walk-In Door

• 2 – Windows

• 3 – 10’x10’ Roll-Up Doors (2 on the side)

• Concrete Anchors



This metal building can be used as workshop, or even as a garage. You can store all your valuables to keep them safe from the inclement weather. Want yours too? Give us a call! And ask to speak with one of our sales representatives. Remember that we can customize any metal building you see according to your needs, and with over 12 different colors to choose from, you can add your own personal touch! Want to see our buildings in person? Ask for your local dealer! Don’t forget to ask about our financing options as well.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Partially Enclosed RV Cover

Looking for an RV cover?


A camper or a trailer can be a beneficial investment, especially if you use it as a home away from home. However, we need to make sure that we protect our investments so that they last for a really long time. The sun is the number-one element that can damage our RVs. That’s why a metal RV cover is the best option for you!


Some of our customers think it’s expensive to purchase a metal RV cover, since they believe that they need to pour a concrete pad on their land to secure the structure to the ground. That can be done, but only if it’s what our customers really want. There’s no need to pour a concrete pad for your metal RV cover if you don’t want to, since we can anchor the unit to the ground as long as it’s leveled.


For example, look at this metal RV cover installed on the ground:


24’W x 31’L x 12’H

• 14-Gauge

• Standard Roof

• 3′ Side & 9′ Side

• Horizontal End

Mobile Home Anchors


With our mobile home anchors, your metal building can be secured directly to the ground. If you want additional protection, furthermore, you can add our 90-mph wind warranty when you purchase all anchors needed.


The only way to ensure that your RV is fully protected, however, is to make sure that it’s shielded by a metal structure like a carport or garage. Lucky for you, we sell both! If you don’t have one, then there’s not much you can do to make sure that your RV won’t be damaged.


Give us a call and let our experts help you place your order today!


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Custom Building with 5 Side Openings

Have a project in mind? Ballin’ on a budget?


Let American Steel Carports help you out! We offer unbeatable prices, engineer-certified structures, and a one-year workmanship warranty!


We know that our buildings are a big investment, especially when it comes to protecting your belongings. That’s why we employ the best experts in carports to help you customize your building and work around your budget.


Most of our buildings come with roll-up or walk-in doors. However, we do have customers who want their buildings to have openings only. One good example is this custom metal building installed in New Mexico.


30’W x 51’L x 11’H

A-Frame Vertical Roof

12-Gauge Galvanized Tubing

Horizontal Sides & Ends

10′ x 10′ Roll-Up Door (front end)

36″ x 80″ Frame-Out (openings)

•  5 – 8’6″ x 9′ Frame Outs (openings)

Concrete Anchors (90-Mph wind warranty)



There are endless ways to customize your unit, so our team can help you build the metal building of your dreams! Remember that we can provide you with a free sketch to help you visualize your creation. Give us a call, and don’t forget to ask about our financing options—or click here for more information.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Simple 2 Car Metal Garage

The beauty of the carport products is their versatility. Metal carports come in many different sizes and styles that allow our customers to customize them to fit their needs. Customer’s can choose to place their doors and windows anywhere on their metal building with minimum restrictions.


Check out this magnificent building installed in Louisiana. Our customer ordered this 24’W x 36’L x 11’H with the following features:


  • –  12 Gauge ( 20 Yr Warranty )
  • –   A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • –   Horizontal Sides & Ends
  • –  2 – 10’x10′ Roll-Up Doors
  • –  1 – 36″x72″ Walk In Door
  • –  Concrete Anchors


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Versatile. Strong. Built To Last.