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Pre-Fabricated Buildings

Steel comes with a handful of benefits in comparison with other elements. The time a unit takes to construct may take longer than wished for but we simplified the process with our pre-fabricated buildings.


What does this mean?


This simply means your unit is drilled and welded at our factory. The components are then carefully loaded onto the trucks and sent off to your chosen construction site.


Read below to see the benefits of pre-manufactured buildings:



Prices are discussed with you before installation. You will not have sudden price increase for the installation. This is because we provide you with a free estimate and installation.


Installation may take hours or a couple of days. Whatever the time frame, both you and us, save ourselves the long hassle of erection period by a huge percentage.


When the buildings are fabricated in the factory, scraps and other leftover material is kept for recycling. It would create a bigger mess if it were constructed on-site.


Safety is first. Potential hazards are eliminated when the labor is done at our plant. Workers won’t be working in extreme weather for longer periods of time.


Unpredicted weather is always a likely circumstance, we know this. The likelihood, however, is immensely decreased when you order from a company with pre-fabricated buildings like us.


But what makes us different from the others?




Our pre-fabricated buildings are Engineer-Certified to meet your state codes. We stand behind our product and provide you with the best customer service.



We also provide generic plans on most standard buildings at no extra charge. Additionally, our 360° roof bracing and wind warranty packages guarantee you with a long-lasting durable carport.



We like to keep things simple, and want you to have a smooth process when purchasing from us. That’s why we provide you with as much opportunities as we can.



Give us a call. We would love to hear from you.


9 Reasons Why You Should Get An Agricultural Building

Are you a farmer? Perhaps you’re an avid hunter? Or maybe an animal lover?



When you decide on purchasing a metal carport you are setting yourself up with many opportunities. Whether you need extra space for your animals and tools, a steel agricultural building is the way to go.



    • Live out in the country? Our agricultural barns are composed of 3 sections. Each compartment can be used to separate livestock from tools and feed all within one spacious unit. Choose from our Standard, A-Frame Vertical, A-Frame Horizontal, and Hexagon styles.


    • Maybe you live in the suburbs, and need that extra storage. With an agricultural building you can store your recreational vehicle, fishing boat, gator, or four-wheeler.


    • Because most steel structures are prefabricated, you save time and money. Orders are manufactured at our factory where they are then delivered and installed on-site within a matter of hours. Most importantly, pre-fabricated units can withstand a high degree of strength regarding animal kicks.


    • Steel is also easy to work with, giving you the liberty to choose what size and shape you desire with no limits as with wood. You can add horse stalls, shelves, kitchen counters, or sinks to make your unit more resourceful.


    • Quality is another aspect that makes steel the best choice for agricultural buildings. Steel carports are effective as the manufacturer it came from. The average lifespan depends on the quality of the parts a company uses for their units.


    • Your livestock, tools, and crops will be protected against nature’s unpredicted weather. A sturdy well-made carport will last an average of 25-30 years.


    • There’s more than what meets the eye. Steel carports, in general, are energy efficient. This means you won’t have to worry nor waste money on electric garage openers, excessive lighting, and other utilities. Steel units are well ventilated and provide shade for your equipment and livestock, and hunting gear. Your livestock can rest with the adequate ventilation.


    • With an agricultural metal barn, you can have a peace of mind knowing you are using the most recyclable material in the world. You can always sell your steel for scrap when it is no longer useful to you.


    • Maybe you want skylights instead of electric lights, or need an extra window – these metal barns can be customized to fit your necessities. We also offer hexagon buildings and loafing sheds apart from our agricultural metal barns.





With our Engineer Certified barns, you acquire units strong enough to withstand vicious winds, heavy snow loads, hail, and other elements. We offer high quality products for a great price with many different warranty packages to choose from. Furthermore, you can supplement additional accessories to reinforce your product. Options include  90+ mph wind warranty, solar air vents, and colored screws.




Walking down the gravel road that leads straight to your Barn Red and White-trimmed carport, you begin to hear the restlessness of your pets as they await your presence. A fresh passing of air replaces the beating heat as you enter the spacious barn. Scents of freshly-cut hay and feed mixes with the sweet scent of your horse’s apple wafers as you rip open the bag. You look up and see sun beams gleaming through the barn’s skylights down onto the hazy environment.




We have been in business for over 15 years and we proudly stand behind the fact that our buildings are strong, versatile, and built to last.  Contact us today for a free quote.