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Extra Advantages

Their are many reasons to consider buying a metal building from American Steel Carports. Many times, when purchasing a new house with a garage it can be overly priced, why not consider buying it separately. There are many advantages that come when you buy a carport or garage.

Here are some of the few advantages that you are getting when purchasing a metal building of your own.

Quick and Easy

Most importantly the construction process of a metal building is fast. Furthermore, metal is a very strong and durable material. They are constructed easier and faster from constructions of alternative materials mainly because the sections or panels are pre-built from sheets of metal. The sections are easily transported and assembled, and your metal garage can be erected in a matter of days or weeks, not months

Adds Value

A garage will add value to your property if you are thinking about the future, something good to know, especially when it’s a large investment.

Less Money Cost

Metal garage buildings are inexpensive constructions that offer many advantages, with costs much lower compared to concrete blocks, wood, or brick construction. They are affordable, cost-effective, and structurally-sound structures. In addition, the construction cost is lower which is an additional saving.

Easier Maintenance

Metal buildings are easier to maintain, they require less maintenance and if the garage has the right coating and paint you will not have to re-paint it for years. The cleaning process is also easier.

Environmental Friendliness

Metal garage buildings are environmentally friendly as metal is a green product and the material is fully recyclable.

They also are very customizable, meaning they give you a variety of different ways to adjust it and give it your own touch. American Steel Carports offers a variety of styles, sizes, roofing options, door options, etc., so there is a wide variety of options to choose from so you can have the perfect metal garage building for your needs.

Like this custom-made building made by one of our many cared customers. This building is a 12G STD 18’W x 21’L x 9’H green building with white trim. Nice, isn’t it? You too can get started on your very own unique building today. Contact us at 866-730-9865 or check out more buildings here on our website.


80″ Walk in Door: 1

Window: 1

8’W x 7’L Frame Out with 45 Degree Cuts: 2

Horizontal Ends: 2

Horizontal Sides: 2

18’W x 21’L x 9’H 12-Gauge, STD. Roof

* This customer installed their doors themselves, the pricing we give will not come with the actual header doors but it will include the frame outs *













All White Building

Are you looking to buy a carport but don’t want to deal with a long and complicated process? Don’t want an incomplete building? Looking for a quality experience with professional carport experts?

Well, today is your lucky day. Here at American steel, we’ve made it a priority to make your carport shopping experience something you’ll love. You can experience fast paced construction and fine steel components on every order you make. You make the decision that works best for you. You want to call the company and explain in detail your desired building? You can. Maybe an email works best for you, then do that instead. If you’re a more hands-on type and want to design the carport yourself, you have that possibility too.We now provide an online design tool, created specifically so you can get a look at a virtual representation of your new carport, before it’s even installed. Any of these choices work best for us. Our priority is for all our customers to get their desired carport.

When choosing the size of your metal carport, consider all of the following. Obviously, metal carports that store an RV or trailer will need to be taller than those that cover a car. You’ll want to choose a carport that offers the right size in order to make the protection and stability effective for the unit. All of our buildings are engineer-certified and are built to withstand the specific weather that we are given for your specific area. You can start off from something basic to putting as much detail as you would like .

Like this all-white building illustrated below, this specific unit has the following specs:

26’W x 35’L x 10’H 14-Gauge

  • Standard Roof
  • 2 ends
  • 2 sides
  • (1)- 10 x 10 RUD
  • (1)- 36 x 80 WID

As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the right carport size for your property. Take some time to think about what you’ll want to use the carport for and analyze the space you have available for the project. Of course, if you need any assistance making this important decision, our team is here to help. Contact us at 866-730-9865 today for assistance with any questions you may have.

The Benefits of a Small Shed

An outdoor shed can have many purposes, and there are many reasons to consider adding one to your backyard. The usability of storage sheds is endless. I read many articles about how nowadays many women use them to escape and get some alone time, to release all the pressure and stress of work, or just to get space from their husbands. You could also use storage sheds for gardening, arts and crafts, reading, yoga, or as a home office. Here at American Steel Carports we give you the ability to adjust your shed just the way you want it. This particular shed is one created from one of our many appreciated customers from Illinois.

This shed being illustrated is a:

  • 12’W x 15’L x 8’H 12-Gauge
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • Vertical Sides & Ends
  • 6×7 Roll-Up Door
  • 36×72 Walk-In Door
  • (1) Window Frame-Out 

Chances are you’re suddenly in the market for a storage shed. Finding your shed can be easier said than done, that’s why we’re here to help. American Steel Carports will work with you to custom build the unit to your specs and allow you to design the unit however you like. Every unit is engineer-certified, and we use high-quality steel that will protect your belongings. Additionally, our reps are great at working with you in a stress-free buying environment.

We have people standing by to answer any questions you may have at (866) 730-9865, and If you’d like to speak to someone directly, we also have dealers nationwide.










Increase Your Property Value with American Steel Carports

Your house and land will probably be the most important investment you ever make. Keeping up and adding to the value is extremely important.

Upkeep on the house and property is an obvious way to retain the value of your investment, but there’s a way to improve your property value and get some additional functionality at the same time.

American Steel Carports are high-quality structural engineered buildings that are proven to last. Even having a permit to build a building can increase your property value.

While we’re talking about protecting investments, the second most important investment could be your car, and these buildings will protect your vehicles as well as adding property value.

This beauty of a building has an array of uses. It will obviously protect your vehicles, and it also features a porch on the side that can be a great gathering place. You can even pull the cars out, lift the roll-up doors, and have a birthday party or a Friday night hoe-down.

  • 20’W x 31’L x 10’H (main unit)
  • 12-Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • 10’W x 21’L x 8’/7’6” (Lean-to)
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • (2) 10′ x 8′ Roll-up Doors (on the side)
  • (2) 36″ x 80″ Walk-in Door
  • (2) Windows

So the next time you stand out on your back porch and look over your land, just imagine the increase in property value, the protection for your cars, and last but not least the music you will play at your weekend get-togethers. American Steel Carports will work with you through the whole process to build the best building for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We Won’t Play Around When Building Your Game Room

Want a game room or somewhere to escape and watch the game? If so, you’ve come to the right place! American Steel Carports specializes in sturdy, custom, long-lasting metal buildings that will accommodate your belongings, protect your vehicles from the natural elements, and give you plenty of space for anything from a workshop to a garage or even that game room you’ve always dreamed about. Whichever scenario best describes you, we can build a custom metal building to suit your needs.

Ever wanted a place to relax after work, with some pool tables and TVs? Let your imagination run wild, and let us help guide you in the right direction. Take this 32’W x 21’L x 9’H custom metal building, for example:

  • 20’W x 21’L x 9’H (Main Unit)
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • 14-Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • Horizontal Sides & Ends
  • 10′ x 8′ Roll-Up Door
  • Walk-In Door
  • Window
  • 12’W x 20’L x 9’/7’ Lean-To

The size of this building can definitely accommodate almost anything you can dream up, and the open space in the lean-to can work as a chill area where you can put some couches for having drinks with your buddies. Keep in mind that all of our buildings are engineer-certified and guaranteed to stand strong against anything that nature throws at them.

Curious about the price of this building? Call us now to speak with one of our representatives for your customized quote, and don’t forget to ask about our convenient financing options. Looking for a different size? Want to insulate this building? Love the size, but not the color? Call us now at (866) 730-9865 and let one of our experts help you find the best metal building within your budget!


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

30’ x 61’ x 11’ Partially Enclosed Building

At American Steel Carports we like to provide our customers with exactly what they want. Whether you’re looking for a metal structure fully customized or the most simple and standard carport, we’re here to provide you with an engineer-certified metal structure that will stand strong for many years!

The needs of every individual will vary based on the area they live in. Our top sellers are carports, always popular in rural areas where our customers need to protect their vehicles from the natural elements. Carports are less spacious compared to other metal buildings. On the other hand, we also have customers who have the space on their land to build big metal buildings for all their personal needs, such as garages, workshops, man caves, you name it!

Take a look at this particular 30’W x 61’L x 11’H partially enclosed metal building:

This metal building doesn’t have a full covered end, but it still has the framing, as well as two 16’ x 9’ openings on the side. Remember that if you’d like to provide your own garage door, we can create the openings for you (at an additional price). What would you use this metal building for? Let us know in the comments below!

Curious about the price of this unit? Feel like this is almost right, but you can see some adjustments you’d like for this metal building? Give us a call now to speak with one of our representatives, and we will help you design and build that metal building according to your specific needs. Don’t like the color on this one? We offer 13 different colors to choose from at NO additional price! Need a little help paying for your metal building? We now offer Rent-to-Own in ALL our service areas. Call us now to learn more about Rent-to-Own or more additional financing options available for you.

Custom 30’ x 46’ x 12’ W/ a Lean-To

Are you looking for a more masculine and rugged style building? This garage and lean-to would be perfect for you and the guys to get together to work on cars and hang out. The garage part is perfect to work under, protecting you from the hot sun, heavy winds, and rain. Additionally, you have that outside covering for some fresh air and great company. This unit has 4 windows to let in natural sunlight and fresh crisp air. Also, it has a 14’x 10’ roll-up door which is big enough to drive a car, truck, or SUV through. You can always add more windows, take away some, add a bigger door, or make any other changes that would make this the perfect workshop for you!

Features include:

  • 30’ wide x 46’ Long x 12’ Legs (Main Unit)
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof (Most Durable and Best for Snow and Rain Runoff)
  • 12G Steel Tubing (Most Durable and 20yr. Rust Warranty)
  • Horizontal Sides & Ends (You can choice Vertical Also)
  • 14’x 10’ Roll-Up Door
  • 36”x 80” Walk-In Door
  • 4 Windows
  • 12’ wide x 21’ length x 12’/9’ Legs w/A-Frame Vertical Continuous Roof (Lean-To)


Ask about our 90 mph wind warranty to protect your building from Mother Nature! Remember that all of our metal buildings are custom built per order. If you like the building above, we can go from there. However, if you want to make a few additions or change the dimensions of this building, then our experts will make sure to fit in all of your needs until we can give you what you’re looking for.

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30’ x 31’x 10’ Custom Carport

Who says carports can’t be customized? One of the main advantages of steel structures is the ability to change the size and style to satisfy your needs – and with 20 years in this field, American Steel Carports knows exactly how to deliver a great experience when it comes to our custom metal structures.

Steel carports offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle(s) or any equipment you might have sitting outside. Whether you’re looking to keep your vehicle out of direct UV light, ice, snow, rain, or dust, our metal buildings will stand strong against any natural elements! Since we’re talking about custom metal carports, take a look at this 30’W x 31’L x 10’H custom carport that we recently installed:

  • A-Frame Vertical Roof
  • 8 – 12′ x 9′ Openings
  • 8 – Texas Cuts

Beautiful isn’t it? The first thing you might notice about this carport is the special cuts made in all the openings. They’re called 45-degree cuts, better known as “Texas Cuts.” They do come with an additional price, but they definitely make a difference. Even if you have a garage door in your metal building, you can still add these openings to give it your own personal touch.

Feel inspired by this carport? Give us a call now at 866-730-9865 to talk to one of our experts! Remember that all of our metal buildings are custom built per order. If you like the building above, we can go from there. However, if you want to make a few additions or change the dimensions of this building, then our experts will make sure to fit in all of your needs until we can give you what you’re looking for.

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30’ x 41’ x 14’ Partially Enclosed Cover

Keep your toys and equipment protected at all times with a metal carport. They’re sturdy and engineer-certified at the right price with American Steel Carports. We have so many different styles and designs: we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect building for your needs and preferences.

Most equipment machines, along with RVs, tend to surpass 12’ in height, making them a little harder to store and keep protected from the natural elements. But don’t let that discourage you. Every building we do is custom per order, so if you need something taller than 12 feet, we will do it for you! Keep in mind that units taller than 12’ will require additional support and material to keep your units standing strong for many years. Another important feature that we highly recommend to our customers who are trying to obtain a building longer than 30 feet is to go with our A-Frame Vertical roof. This will avoid any type of leaks in the future.

Take a look at this 30’W x 41’L x 14’H Partially Enclosed Carport:

  • 12-Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • Full Horizontal Side
  • 2 – Gable Ends
  • L-Brackets

This carport can be used to protect your RV or any machinery that might be sitting outside and needs to be covered. What would you use this metal carport for? Let us know in the comments below.

There are many ways for you to customize your metal carport, and everything can get started with a simple phone call! Talk to our experts and let them assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. We can always provide you with a FREE sketch for visualization purposes. Call us now! And don’t forget to ask about our available financing options.


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