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Extra Advantages

Their are many reasons to consider buying a metal building from American Steel Carports. Many times, when purchasing a new house with a garage it can be overly priced, why not consider buying it separately. There are many advantages that come when you buy a carport or garage.

Here are some of the few advantages that you are getting when purchasing a metal building of your own.

Quick and Easy

Most importantly the construction process of a metal building is fast. Furthermore, metal is a very strong and durable material. They are constructed easier and faster from constructions of alternative materials mainly because the sections or panels are pre-built from sheets of metal. The sections are easily transported and assembled, and your metal garage can be erected in a matter of days or weeks, not months

Adds Value

A garage will add value to your property if you are thinking about the future, something good to know, especially when it’s a large investment.

Less Money Cost

Metal garage buildings are inexpensive constructions that offer many advantages, with costs much lower compared to concrete blocks, wood, or brick construction. They are affordable, cost-effective, and structurally-sound structures. In addition, the construction cost is lower which is an additional saving.

Easier Maintenance

Metal buildings are easier to maintain, they require less maintenance and if the garage has the right coating and paint you will not have to re-paint it for years. The cleaning process is also easier.

Environmental Friendliness

Metal garage buildings are environmentally friendly as metal is a green product and the material is fully recyclable.

They also are very customizable, meaning they give you a variety of different ways to adjust it and give it your own touch. American Steel Carports offers a variety of styles, sizes, roofing options, door options, etc., so there is a wide variety of options to choose from so you can have the perfect metal garage building for your needs.

Like this custom-made building made by one of our many cared customers. This building is a 12G STD 18’W x 21’L x 9’H green building with white trim. Nice, isn’t it? You too can get started on your very own unique building today. Contact us at 866-730-9865 or check out more buildings here on our website.


80″ Walk in Door: 1

Window: 1

8’W x 7’L Frame Out with 45 Degree Cuts: 2

Horizontal Ends: 2

Horizontal Sides: 2

18’W x 21’L x 9’H 12-Gauge, STD. Roof

* This customer installed their doors themselves, the pricing we give will not come with the actual header doors but it will include the frame outs *













Build it Your Self

It’s Time For A New Project

For some people, purchasing a carport from scratch means a new project to learn how to build a carport. For others it may be a chance to improve their do it yourself (DIY) or building skills. Even though our professional installers are delighted to build your homemade carport for you, here at American Carports we understand the excitement a new building project brings for some of our customers.

Even though this might be a discount for some it could also cause a hassle for others. We give two options on that matter. One option is for us to provide all the material and you can pick it up or we could also deliver the material all the way to your home. The discount will depend on your location. This is a great option to consider when you have the ability to build it for yourself or if it’s a small and simple project. Just in case you get stuck in some steps we also do provide an installation manual.

Building your own carport can have its pros and cons. Putting up your carport together brings the satisfaction of a job well done. For many other people it can also make you feel safer knowing that you have done everything correctly and more firm. As fun as it may seem, sometimes you might get stuck in-between the process and causes to leave the project halfway done. This might not seem like the solution, especially after all the money you have spent. Also with us giving you that option, it avoids the warranties that we include when we build the building for you.

For example, this 12’W x 21’L x 7’H was a self install order from California. As you can see it seems like a quick and easy installation, resulting in a discounted price for this customer. You can save some money, but we always recommend to always rather be safe than sorry.


12’W x 21’L x 7’H


14 G

If you have any more questions regarding self-installation, give us a call now! Let one of our experts help you look for the best option for you. Curious about the price of this unit? Give us a call at (866) 730-9865. Don’t forget to ask about our financing and rent-to-own options!

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3 Door Garage with Drive Through Style

Need some extra storage out in your land? Well, American Steel Carports has the solution! We have all kinds of storages made just for you. Your ideas and plans is all we need, for us to build that building your looking for. Our top priority is to make sure that our customers, get their metal garages at a lower price. We also like to  ensure that their metal buildings meet their demands and expectations. As always, we can recommend sizes or features that will suit your needs. Some features we provide here at American Steel Carports are windows, walk-in doors, roll up doors, or even insulation if asked for.

YOUR needs are OUR needs

The needs of every individual will vary based on the area they live in. Our top sellers are carports, always popular in rural areas where our customers need to protect their vehicles from the natural elements. Carports are less spacious compared to other metal buildings. On the other hand, we also have customers who have enough space on their land to build big metal buildings. These are the customers who go for the bigger units such as garages, workshops, or Ag Barns. This one right here is an example of one of our customized buildings built for one of our customers, it’s a 34 x 41 x 9, 12 Gauge building with a A-Frame Vertical Roof, Horizontal enclosing all around, and 3 – 10×8 Roll Up Doors.

This garage is built for those who have more than one car to protect from natural disasters as well as physical. It also comes with a unique drive through entry that you don’t see very often. Also, remember that we can always adjust the length, width, height, and door size of any metal building according to your needs.

Don’t think that your ideas have a limit! With American steel carports we can find a solution. Each of our carports can be as unique as you make it, the decision is all yours! Contact us for information or look for your most local dealer.

Summer is Coming: Get Your Pool Area Ready

Winter is finally on its way out, and we can hear Spring knocking. WThat means Summer will be here before you know it. Summer means something different to everyone, but one common denominator is the pool. It’s a meeting place and retreat from the cruel summer heat… The pool can be perfect for relaxing and stirring up laughter. It’s a great setting for a neighborhood celebration, birthdays, team parties, keeping the kids entertained, or gathering the adults for some grown-up conversation.

Now that we have the fun out of the way, let’s get down to business. There’s a lot that goes into the upkeep of a pool. There are all the tools needed for maintenance and repair, as well as chemicals, and the toy collection you have amassed.

We have the perfect idea for a pool house to keep the pool area more organized as well as the yard clean from party debris.

Our buildings work perfectly for smaller yards that still need the access and organization that a pool house brings. American Steel Carport buildings are completely customizable to fit any size needs. Since most pool houses can be wide open with a small room for changing, our open floor plan works perfectly.

Whether you need your pool house to be big enough to add a bar and host company, or you just want something to store tools, supplies, and toys, we can take care of you.

We’ve also mentioned in a previous blog that our carport cover is perfect for pool covers. They provide protection from leaves and other debris, as well as shade for those who want the heat but not the direct sunlight.  They also make it easy to swim during summer rain, which is great for people who depend on the pool for daily exercise or rehabilitation.

We would love to talk to you about your new pool house or pool cover! Feel free to call us at 866-730-9865 or online at Americansteelinc.com.

Some Things to Know About Steel Building Insulation

We know that metal is a good conductor of cold and heat, and when temperature shifts inside or outside the metal building, water tends to condense on the metal sheets.

Insulation can be used to avoid the issue of water condensation. When heat transfers from the outside to the inside of a building, the insulation works as a barrier.  Additionally, by reducing the temperature of the metal, the insulation reduces condensation.

The definition of R-Value is “the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.”  (Webster Dictionary)

Types of Insulation:

There are various styles of insulation. We’ll look at some below while highlighting the benefits.

Loose Fill Insulation

Loose-fill insulation consists of small particles of fiber, foam, or other materials. The most common types of materials used for loose-fill insulation include cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral (rock or slag) wool. (1)

This type of insulation is installed by blowing it into tiny holes that persist in the walls. It is one of the most environmentally-friendly, and it is a good way to save money on utility expenses.

Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation is the most common and widely available type of insulation. It comes in the form of batts or rolls. It consists of flexible fibers, most commonly fiberglass. You also can find batts and rolls made from mineral (rock and slag) wool, plastic fibers, and natural fibers, such as cotton and sheep’s wool.  (2)

This is mainly for recently installed buildings.  Large rolls are used to fill pre-cut gaps in buildings. It must be installed correctly or it won’t function properly.

Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid foam can be used in walls, roofs, and foundations, for retrofits or new construction. Most varieties of foam have a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass, cotton, or cellulose. Rigid foam sheets are sold in several thicknesses; most lumberyards carry insulation ranging from 1/2 in. to 2 in. thick. Thicker sheets (up to 6 in. thick) are usually available by special order. (3)

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is an insulation and air barrier material that seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities against air movement. It’s often used in spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, and also where walls meet windows and doors. (4)


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New Year, More Space

It’s mid-February and most of us are trying to do better than last year: reduce stress and be more organized.

It’s widely acknowledged that better organization leads to less stress., Clearing out clutter is an act that can relieve stress. Even if you start with small items, you may find yourself inspired to keep going.

Do you have a room that is not being used because it turned into a storage room? Would you love to reclaim that space for an office, arts and crafts room, or a workout room?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the space in storage taken up by this item worth it?
  • Would I regret getting rid of this item?
  • In the future could I rent or borrow this item?

If you need a storage solution to free up that room, American Steel Inc. has a variety of options and sizes to meet almost any need, from backyard storage, a she-shed or man-cave, all the way to RV Storage. We’ll work with you through the process to ensure that you get what you want. You dream it and we build it.

We also have units with car storage and personal storage as well as lean-tos, so stop feeling bogged down by your stuff and have a stress-free 2019 and beyond.

Call us right away to get started at (866)-730-9865 or visit us online at americansteelinc.com

Why a Metal Building Might be Perfect for You

Have you noticed the high increase in demand for metal buildings around the country? Do you know the reason behind the increase? Stay tuned to this blog and learn why a metal building might perfect for your needs!

Modern and customized metal buildings, just like the ones American Steel Carports offers, are an alternative to almost any type of traditional building that we’ve seen in the past. For example, your classical wood barn can be replaced with a stronger, more affordable, and less dangerous material like steel.


Without going into a full analysis, if a product can last you for many years and protect your belongings from the natural elements, all for a low price, then you’re very likely to say yes to a new building, especially if it’s not going to hurt your budget. Metal buildings are quite affordable, compared to the cost of wood and red iron. One of the main reasons for this is the cost of transportation. Freight for wood and red iron is higher, and these materials also will take longer to install Unlike wood, the material in most of the panels (sheets) in metal buildings are recycled materials, and this cuts down on costs while still providing you with the same strength and durability.

According to Budget Homekits, there is no structural difference in strength between galvanized steel or red iron. The only difference is the coating. As the name states, red iron has a sprayed-on paint that creates a rusty-brown color. Red iron structures come with high installation costs. So, if you’re looking for a simple carport or a small garage or workshop, this might be a high-cost investment; red iron buildings are mostly used for big-budget projects like industrial buildings.


According to the insurance leaders, the top reasons for residential damage claims are hail, water, heavy winds, fire, and snow loads. Termites can also be an expensive source of damage, around $3000 per home. You might be able to save a considerable amount of money on your insurance by replacing your older buildings with steel ones. We also have another blog post that goes into more detail about how insurance is cheaper for a steel building.


Pretend for a moment that you’ve already got your metal carport delivered and installed by American Steel Inc., and now you’re thinking that it’d be better to enclose your carport and add a garage door to keep your vehicle fully indoors instead. Well, you’ll be glad to know that American Steel Carports can add onto your metal structure after it’s been installed. Please note that we can only make additions to metal buildings originally installed by American Steel Carports and that are no older than 3 years.

Are you ready to get started on your new metal building? Call us now at 866-730-9865 and let one of our experts help you find the right metal building for you! Don’t forget to follow us on all our social media for more information and images of new buildings installed weekly.

Disproving Myths About Metal Buildings


  • Are steel buildings flimsy or weak? Are they inferior to other types of buildings?


  1. If your knowledge of metal buildings is based solely on old barns made of corrugated tin and rusty scrap metal, then I understand these concerns. However, all of our buildings are engineer certified and constructed with high-quality galvanized steel that is precision cut and can come with an up to 20-year warranty.


  • Metals buildings look like they’re noisy. Are they?


  1. Not at all! In fact, installation dramatically cuts noise. With drywall-style walls, you could have the same silence that one would expect from a traditional home but with lower energy costs.


  • Does my metal building have a greater chance of being struck by lightning?


  1. I’ll explain, and you’ll hopefully feel better about owning a steel structure. Metal is a conductor, but it is a positive conductor to the earth. Any energy from a rare lightning strike would be dispersed over the entire roof and then channeled into the ground, thereby avoiding the costly issues that you would encounter from a wooden structure in the same situation.


  • Do all metal buildings rust?


  1. In order to prevent rust, our metal is coated with Galvalume before leaving the factory. Rust becomes an issue only when the material is damaged or scratched or when field-cut edges are not sealed before being placed. However, regularly recoating damaged areas decreases the possibility of developing rust.


  • Will my internet, cell-phone service, or TV service be disrupted by a metal building?


  1. Absolutely not! Electromagnetic waves pass around timber and spread out as a result of passing through narrow apertures or across steel edges. Therefore, you’d have no more trouble operating than you would in any other building. For Wi-Fi, we have never heard of complications or lack of service due to a metal building.

“She-Shed”, She Said.

From the he-shed to the man cave to the him nest to the guy refuge to the classic He-Man Woman Haters Club (from The Little Rascals), it seems guys always have their space to retreat to (and rightfully so) – BUT why shouldn’t women have something similar? We can give you a SHE-SHED with all the items to make a girly getaway, such as a workshop for all your Cricut and scrapbooking needs, a place for a tanning bed, or a shop where you can create.

These She-Sheds give you a space to get away to be alone or to work with the ones you love in an inviting atmosphere. Whether you are showing your daughter how to be creative and entrepreneurial or learning from your grandma, there is no better way to come together than to create together.

American Steel will work with you to custom build the unit to your specs and allow you to design the interior however you like. Every unit is engineer-certified, and we use high-quality steel that will protect your belongings. Additionally, our reps are great at working with you in a stress-free buying environment.

We have people standing by to answer any questions you may have at (866) 730-9865. We can also speak with you about financing or provide samples of the colors we offer. If you’d like to speak to someone directly, we have dealers nationwide.