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All Vertical Garage


Want to have real garage doors?


At American Steel Carports, we don’t only offer roll-up doors. We also have overhead doors to give you a residential look and quality. Our garages doors come in a standard design, meaning they don’t have windows or insulation,  but you can upgrade overhead doors with glass windows, and if the unit will be fully insulated, you can insulate the door too! Our overhead doors are also compatible with garage openers.


Look at this fully vertical metal garage rocking our overhead doors:


26’W x 31’L x 11’H


• 12-Gauge Galvanized Tubing


Fully Vertical


• 2 – 10′ x 10′ Overhead Doors


• 36″ x 80″ Walk-In Door (on the side)


• Concrete Anchors (90-mph wind warranty)



*Disclaimer: interior designs may vary by state or region*


What are the advantages of a fully vertical garage?


One of the main advantages is low maintenance. Because the panels run vertically, they’re also more strongly recommended for northern areas, especially places with heavy snowfall.


How do I have my building certified for the snow loads in my area?


Our buildings are already certified for 20 psf. But if your area has heavy snow loads, we can certify our buildings to withstand those too. On top of that, vertical siding WILL NOT let snow accumulate on the roof or cause it to collapse.


We’re almost into summer, and the elevated temperatures will make it a good idea to acquire a metal garage to protect your vehicle from the blazing sun. Keep your car in the shade to prevent the paint from fading and cracking.


Give us a call! We can help you picture the metal garage of your dreams! Remember, delivery and installation are FREE on your level land or concrete pad. Want to see more buildings? Click here or go to our blog for more recently installed metal buildings and valuable information.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Do you Need to House your Vehicle and Equipment?


American Steel Carports will take care of finding the right metal building for you! We offer a variety of styles and designs to bring your ideas to life, and you can view a vast range of demos at our main corporate offices, from a simple mini-storage building to a triple-wide unit.


One of our most recent buildings, comes with fully vertical walls and ends, perfect for snowy areas. Due to the panels running vertically (from the peak to the eaves), it allows elements such as dirt, snow, water, leaves, dust, etc. to slide off easily, making it a low-maintenance building. It also has a vertical colonial style or wainscoting:


• 18’W x 26’L x 9’H

• 14 Gauge Galvanize Tubing

• Fully Vertical

• 2 – 10 x 8 Roll-Up Doors (one on each side)

• Walk-In Door with Window (on the side)

• Colonial Style (2 toned)

• 5 Windows (on the side)

• 12’W x 26’L x 9’/8’H Lean-To

• A-Frame Vertical Roof

• 2 – Vertical Gable Ends

• 20″ Down Sidewall



Disclaimer: Colonial style on vertical siding buildings comes with an additional charge. Interior designs may vary by state or region.


You’re more than welcome to take a look at this unit at our main corporate office in Joshua, TX. Our sales representatives can give you an estimate according to your specifications. Remember that you can customize your building according to your needs.


Live far from our corporate office?


Give us a call! One of our sales representatives will work with you and give you a quote over the phone.


Want to see our demos instead?


Give us a call! We can help you find an authorized dealer from American Steel Carports near your area so that you can get a closer look at our buildings and have all your questions or concerns answered.


We’re here to help! Don’t forget to check out our blogs for more information and pictures of recently installed buildings.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Metal Building with a Lean-To

Additional Extensions to Your Metal Storage Building

Lean-tos are very handy when it comes to additions. They don’t just offer protection—they can also serve as extra space or a small carport for your vehicle! Most of our customers prefer a 3-foot or larger drop on their lean-tos, but remember that it’s your choice how to enhance your metal building!

Types of Lean-Tos:

We offer two different styles when it comes to lean-tos. The first one is the regular drop lean-to. As explained earlier, this lean-to has a gap from the original height, coming down to whichever height you prefer.

The second style is a continuous lean-to, which means that there’s no gap in between the first height from the second one. You can see the sample of a continuous lean-to below:

What Makes American Steel Carports Different?

Unlike other companies, we provide the right number of trusses in order to protect our metal buildings from the environment. However, we also recommend that you acquire our concrete, mobile home, or asphalt anchors in order to avoid disastrous situations. Another of our features is that we count with a variety of sizes when it comes to roll-up and overhead doors.

Here is a great example of a metal building with a continuous lean-to.

  • 26’W x 31’L x 11’H
  • 14-Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof
  • 36″ x 72″ Walk-In Door (on the side)
  • 18 x 9 Roll-Up Door
  • 12 x 30 x 8 Continuous Lean-To
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof
  • (1) Full Side

American Steel Carports will take care of the delivery and installation of your metal building on your level site or concrete slab. We want to make sure that our buildings meet your expectations and needs. Remember that you can always give us a call for more information. One of our sales representatives will assist you and answer any questions you might have about our buildings. You can also check our other blogs for more important information and images of buildings that we’ve recently installed.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Ready For the Summer with Your Future Metal AG Barn?

Let the summer season begin!


Today can be the appropriate time to start looking for a metal building that will protect your livestock from the burning sun. Most southern regions tend to be affected by high seasonal temperatures, so it’s very important to keep your livestock safe and protected from that heat.


What about strong winds?


We can certify your metal building to stand against inclement weather. The pricing will vary depending on your area, since some regions might receive stronger winds than others. However, we believe that it’s better to add protection and be safe at all times.


How can a unit get certified for winds?


As mentioned above, it all depends on which region you’re located in. To ensure the specific wind rates, it is necessary to contact your city or visit your local city building department. Moving forward, the main protection is the addition of extra anchors. Remember, we do offer rebar anchors (temporary anchors) for free, but they do not offer any type of guarantee. For security against up to 90-mph winds, it’s far better to get our mobile home, asphalt, or concrete anchors. If you expect winds that are even stronger than 90 mph, we can add more supports and anchors to engineer certify your building up to 120 mph.


With all of this valuable information, you don’t have to worry! You can choose the type of carport and design that you like the most without having to think about the weather. This customer in Loving, New Mexico decided to get a 48’W x 31’L x 12/7’H  agricultural metal building:






We want to hear your questions or concerns! One of our customer service representatives will be happy to listen to you. Not sure what kind of building you want for your property? Check out our other buildings and blogs for more information. You can start the whole process with a simple call!


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

14′ Tall Metal Carport

Looking for a simple carport for your RV? Does your RV overpass the 12-foot standard height from the flyers?

At American Steel Carports, we ensure that our metal buildings meet all of your expectations and needs. We can accommodate your requirements, especially when it comes to building permits. Keep in mind that we can add as much material as your unit needs in order to make sure it’s fully protected and certified for the requirements of the city. However, it’s important for you to go to your local building department and talk to them in order to verify all of the state codes. Since all of the states have different requirements when it comes to installations, they might need to see plans or specifics.

When our customers look for metal RV covers, they can be concerned when the leg height that they’re looking for isn’t listed on the pricing flyers. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot go taller than 12 feet; in fact, the tallest we can go on a building is 20 feet in height. However, keep in mind that the leg height cannot exceed the width of the unit.

Take this metal carport as an example. It’s 14 feet tall:

  • 30’W x 41’L x 14’H
  • 12-Gauge Galvanized Tubing
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof

All of our metal units are engineer-certified, and with their one-year workmanship warranty, we allow our buildings to go through all four seasons to make sure that they don’t have any leaks or issues.

Give us a call! If wind and/or snow loads are your main concerns, don’t forget to ask our representatives about our wind warranties and how we can certify your unit when it comes to large amounts of snow.

Need more ideas? Visit our What’s New page for more ideas, new buildings, and new designs.

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Transform a Metal Carport/Garage into a Business

Have you ever thought of using a metal carport/garage to start your own business?

American Steel Carports likes to innovate and help our customers with their needs. Whether you order a simple unit or one that’s custom-made, American Steel Carports will take pride in meeting your needs.

Most of our customers use their units as a solid garage, a storage facility, or a workshop. However, one of our customers decided to turn her investment into a real business.

Our dear customer, Tracy Marroquin from Tag Custom Products, renovated her business office with a building that she purchased from us. The idea seemed very strange, but Tracy took it to the next level.

The outcome was a success! All of the custom features that she added to her office look incredible, and she paid a great deal of attention to detail.

Did you notice the insulation on the building? Although our customer decided to insulate the unit through a third party, they used a high-quality spray foam. Not only does it look stunning, it keeps the unit cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather.

DISCLAIMER: Adding any type of customizations to the unit, will automatically void any warranties the building might have.

We want to meet your expectations, satisfy your needs, and serve you with our most durable materials. Whether you choose a standard carport, a garage, or an agricultural unit, we will always certify it.

Do you have your own project that you need help getting started? Give us a call, and one of our representatives will be happy to help you. Don’t forget to visit our products page to read more information and see photos.

Remember: if you can dream it, we can build it.

TAG Custom Products transforms your ordinary hats, shirts, towels, and coats into uniform apparel that matches your style, needs, and budget. Just tell them what you need, and they will use their meticulous screen printing or embroidery process to meet your needs. Visit their website for more information at http://www.tagcustomproducts.com/.

Steel Metal Garage in New Mexico

Would you like to design your own metal garage, but don’t know what kind of style might work for you?


Don’t worry American Steel Carports, Inc. has the most reliable metal buildings around the area to give you the best quality at the most affordable price.



Many of our customers, come up with their own ideas by referring to our products page. Apart from showing you the picture of the carport, we have also described the specs for you in order to give you an idea of what we offer. Remember that you can always add any extra features, as long as it doesn’t exceed the height, length or width.



A great example is this 30’W x 46’L x 12’H garage in 14-Gauge with two (2) 10’x10′ roll-up doors and a walk-in door installed in New Mexico:



This particular customer decided to go with an A-frame Vertical Roof in order to have an easy experience when it comes to maintenance. Vertical roofs offer the advantage of less maintenance. It lets water, snow, etc. run off quickly and does not let it pond up on the roof.



We want our customers to get exactly what they want, and what better way than to let them design their own metal buildings?


 Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with a quote or any questions you may have. Keep in mind that we offer financing. We want to give you the best experience when purchasing your first carport. Just give us a call for more information.



Strong. Versatile. Built to Last.


Simple Garage, Same Strength

A simple way to keeping it simple. American Steel Carports offers a variety of garage styles, not to mention that we can customize our buildings according to our customers’ needs. We also offer the simplest garage buildings which are engineered certified and they’re built to last for a really long time.


Take an example of this 30’W x 31’L x 8’H fully vertical garage with the following features:



• 12 gauge (20 yr warranty)

• A-Frame vertical

• Vertical sides

• 9’x7′ roll-up door

• 36”x72” Walk-in door

• Fully Insulated (R-Value 16)

• 90 mph wind warranty



When it comes to our garages, we are open for ideas and requirements. We also like to keep things simple in order to provide an easier choice with the same strength and durability that American Steel Carports offers. Please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote.