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Ready for the fall?

We’re transitioning from green, blossoming, and sunny weather, to colder weather with leaves everywhere. Fall might be many people’s favorite season, but for those who don’t like leaves on their vehicles, it might be pretty annoying. Why not keep your vehicle protected from the dust, leaves, and other natural elements with a steel carport that will stand strong against the beauty of nature?

Our company has been dedicated to building long-lasting steel structures for over 20 years. These light and portable metal buildings can be used to protect your vehicles, RVs, or any other belongings that are exposed to nature. Don’t think that the fact that these structures are light and portable means they are flimsy and cheap. In fact, we provide the exact opposite! Our metal structures are engineered with strength and durability in mind.

Take a look at the unique design of this 18’W x 26’L x 10’H partially enclosed standard carport:

Aside from rocking our Earth Brown color, the unique design of the sides of the carport going only 9’ long is very interesting, don’t you think?

Feel inspired? Give us a call today and speak with one of our experts regarding this metal building. Have questions or need a quote? Give us a call! Remember that you can always customize the size, color, and design of this and many other metals buildings we have for display. Need more inspiration? Check out our recent blogs or click here to see recently installed buildings.

Protect your Vehicles with an Affordable Metal Carport

This summer is definitely hitting us hard with the intense heatwave we had last week, and it looks like the temperatures are going to stay in the high 90s or 100s. At least here at our headquarters in Texas, the weather has been pretty suffocating. But hey—no surprise, right?


Parking under the shade might not seem like a relief, but it really is. The shade might not be able to keep your vehicle completely cool, but you can tell the difference right away compared to leaving your car exposed to direct sunlight. Not many of us are lucky enough to have a tree or an attached garage to park our vehicles under, however. Don’t get discouraged! Just remember that we need to protect our belongings instead of leaving them exposed to any type of weather, not just the sun.


If you don’t want to spend that much money on a metal carport, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. American Steel Carports offers affordable, engineer-certified steel structures of a high quality and durability for the right price. Maybe this 20’W x 21’L x 6’H standard partially enclosed metal carport can be the solution to your problems:



Standard roof structures can save you money, since the roof is already included in the base price. With our 14-gauge galvanized tubing option, moreover, you’ll still get our one-year workmanship warranty.


Contact us now to speak with one of our sales representatives. We will help you find the right building according to your needs without going over your budget. And don’t forget to ask about our financing options!

Simple Steel Carport

A simple carport can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your vehicles. Whether you’re looking to provide shade or shelter from the inclement weather, a steel carport will do the job. Our steel carports come in different sizes and styles, which allows our customers to customize them to fit their specific needs. Always keep in mind that protection and value are what American Steel Carports stands for.


Check out this simple yet sturdy metal carport measuring 22’W x 21’L x 8’H with the following features:


• 12-Gauge (with a 20-year limited warranty on rust-through of framing)

• A-Frame Vertical Roof

• One Full Side and One 3’ Side

• Horizontal Gable End

• Concrete Anchors with L-Brackets



Don’t know exactly what L-Brackets are for? Click here to learn more about our anchors and what you need to know. Want something similar? Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blogs for more pictures and important information. Want to place your order today? Give us call now and let one of our sales representatives help you with the process! Remember that you can place your order with only the 10% down payment. Don’t forget to ask about our financing options.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Why A Metal Building?

You are already setting yourself up with many opportunities if you’re thinking about getting a metal structure. Small or large, our units certainly do more than protect your vehicles. The creative uses are limitless.


Read below to get inspired.


Animal Housing

Weather can be very damaging, not just to cars and other valuables, but also to pets. Thus, metal structures can be used to provide protection for your dogs, horses, ponies, chickens, and other livestock during hot or cold climates.



A building will keep you covered from the rain and sun. Enjoy yourself with no worries.

Every child has dreamed of having their own real-life playhouse. Metal structures are a great idea to make those dreams come true since they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

For those who like to stay fit, you can convert your building into your personal workout area or weight room.


Selling Booth

If you plan on establishing a place to sell your products, but don’t have any room in your home, a metal shed will come in very useful. It will protect your valuables permanently. You won’t have the hassle of moving your goods daily.


Stay Green

A carport can also be converted into a greenhouse. We can customize a building by using skylights as transparent siding where sunlight can shine through onto your prospering plants.


Oversized Equipment

Because we customize buildings, we give you the opportunity to cover anything you wish. From RV’s to tractors, carports will protect and shield your large equipment.


Additional Storage

Don’t have room in your garage or don’t own one? A metal building is the perfect solution. You can store animal feed, extend your food pantry, or simply use it to store your bikes and tools. You can also use it as a place to work on your creative projects.


The uses of our carports range greatly, and the good thing is you can change what you want to use it for at any moment. Call us now and let one of our experts help you design that metal building for your unique needs. Don’t forget to ask about our financing options available.


Shading Purposes

With the hot season coming up, it’s better to prepare yourself and protect your toys from the intense heat. You might know most of the factors that you need to keep in mind based on the area where you live. Intense heat and exposure to the sun can be very damaging to your belongings.


So why not opt for a new metal carport to protect your belongings before the summer arrives? Take a look at this 30’W x 26’L x 9’H standard carport:



This metal carport only has one full side, one full end, and mobile home anchors.


Remember that all of our buildings can be customized according to your needs. Whether you’re thinking of getting something smaller, larger, or taller, American Steel Carports will be there for you!


Give us a call! Let one of our experts help you customize the metal building you want. And don’t forget to ask about our financing options.


Want to see our buildings in person? Ask for your local dealer!


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Carport

Since their initial appearance back in the early 1900’s, carports have had a substantial high demand in the market. Because the industry has grown more complex, consumers have to put more thought into what unit to choose and who they are buying from. From car coverage and protection to workshop areas, the uses of these metal buildings are limitless. However, there are a few things  you should consider before buying a carport, from quality to the work ethic of the business. The process of purchasing a product should run smoothly and be an excellent experience from the sale representatives and the manufacturer to the customer service and installation process. We want you to be satisfied with your decision. That’s why we’ve created a list of important things to consider when buying a carport. Read below for some food for thought.



Top Factors to Reflect Upon


You must decide if you want to purchase your building from a local or online dealer. Many of our  clients buy our carports from local dealerships where they’re surrounded by one or more of our demo displays, thus giving them a personal glimpse. You can also contact us directly by calling our shops in Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Mexico, and Indiana, which service more than half the states of the nation.


Take note on what you are looking for. Perhaps you simply need space to park your car or need a larger building to store large capacity vehicles. We offer different roof styles such as an A-Frame Vertical Roof, A-Frame Horizontal Roof, and a standard roof that will better suit your needs and satisfactions. Our knowledged staff can give you suggestions if you have any doubts regarding your choices.


Prior to choosing a carport location, check your local code specifications. It is important to consider your area’s building permit laws: you may need one to have a building on your property. You should also make sure, before installation, that the flooring is prepared ‒ whether it’d be concrete, asphalt, or plain ground. The geographic of your structure location should be leveled.


Consider investing in any additional add-ons. We offer skylights that allow the sun to shine through your structure, dismissing the hassle of electric costs and light installation. Depending on the flooring we also provide concrete, asphalt, or mobile home anchors for extra reinforcement that will maintain your carport secure.



We aim to keep our clients satisfied before, during, and after installation day. If you order a product from our company, you will receive engineered certified steel structures with free shipping and installation. With these services we include you won’t have to worry about transportation or construction issues. Our buildings will last for years, so we know you need a company who will be there for you and support the product you purchased, and who will stand behind it. This is what sets us different from the rest. Choose your carport manufacturer wisely, choose American Steel Carports, Inc.



Call today for a free quote. We’d be more than happy to assist you.  

Plenty of Space for Your Toys!

There’s still plenty of time to get your metal garage before summer gets in the way! As you know, it’s very important to keep our valuables and vehicles under a roof. If you want them to last a long time, they need to be protected from sun damage and harsh weather.


The key to our metal buildings is that we will customize and transform them according to your needs and preferences; not to mention that ALL our buildings are engineer-certified!


Although American Steel Carports does not offer any concrete work, furthermore, we will provide concrete anchors to secure your structure—not to mention that you can get our 90-mph wind warranty when you purchase all the anchors needed. Take this 24’W x 51’L x 9’H metal garage as an example:


• A-Frame Vertical Roof
• Horizontal Sides & Ends
• 2 – Walk-in Doors (diamond window)
• 4 – 30″x30″ Windows (2 on each end)
• 4 – 10’x8′ Roll-Up Doors (on the side)



This metal garage has a vertical roof, one of the best roof styles we offer. Besides its pleasant-looking residential style, it allows natural elements such as snow, dirt, water, and leaves to slide off very easily. Also, once a metal building exceeds 30’ in length, we recommend choosing a vertical roof to eliminate the possibility of leaks in the future. Another important fact, is having your roll-up doors on the side can give you plenty of advantages when it comes to this type of building, since it’s cheaper to grow in length than in width.


Your metal garage is just one call away! Ask to speak with one of our sales representatives who will help customize your metal building according to your needs. Also, don’t forget to ask about our financing options. Want to see our buildings in person? Ask for your local dealer!


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Another Barn!

Are you getting ready for the hot temperatures? Are all of your belongings stored and protected?


It’s simple to say that summer is still a long way from now, which is true – but by the time summer hits us, we’ve got to be ready for it. Since our headquarters is located in Joshua, TX, we know exactly how incredibly unstable our weather can be and how summer can arrive anytime.


We recommend that our customers check with their local building departments if their metal buildings meet the local codes before purchasing any of our units. Local codes from Texas may differ from those in any other state, especially if the building is going to be put up in an urban area.


One of the most popular buildings this year has been the ag barn. This barn can be used for many purposes. The most common one, of course, is as a barn, keeping livestock safe from the rain and intense heat. Some customers opt to enclose part of the lean-tos to store animal feed or farm equipment. On the other hand, there are customers who just love the design and prefer to use it as a garage for their vehicles. If you have land and space available, that would be a very interesting project.


Take a look at this metal barn installed near Chiloquin, OR:


• 20’W x 41’L x 12’H (main unit)

• A-Frame Vertical Roof

• Horizontal Siding

• 10×10 Roll-Up Door (front end)

• 36″x80″ Walk-In Door (front end)

• 2 – 30″x30″ Windows


• 10’W x 41’L x 10’/8’H Lean-Tos

• A-Frame Vertical Roof

• Horizontal Sides

• 2 – 9×7 Roll-Up Doors (one on each lean-to)

• Mobile Home Anchors



One of the main advantages of this barn is its vertical roof; since Oregon is a state with constant snow, the panels running from the peak toward the eaves allow snow to slide off without the need for constant maintenance, like other types of roofs.


Should you always go for a vertical roof?


Not necessarily. Although vertical roofs are the best choice when it comes to maintenance, if you live in an area that rarely gets snow, it’s not necessary. However, it’s highly recommended to get a vertical roof if your carport exceeds 30’ in length in order to avoid leaks in the future.


You can customize your metal building! Give us a call, and we will help you build the metal barn of your dreams. Remember that we also offer financing options if you need a little help purchasing your metal barn. Ask your representative about it.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*

Metal Storage Building

Looking for an affordable, strong, and well-built storage room? If the answer is yes, then American Steel Carports is your choice!


Our company has over 15 years of experience specializing in the carport industry. In other words, we know how to deliver a great experience when it comes to metal buildings. Whether you’re looking for a barn, a storage room, a mini-storage unit, or even a big workshop, American Steel Carports will be there to make sure that all of your needs and expectations are satisfied.


Remember that the buildings we post are just live examples of our customers’ creations and ideas. The dimensions and features such as doors, windows, colors, etc. can always be changed according to your needs and specifications. Another important fact to keep in mind is that concrete pads are always optional according to the type of building. If a building exceeds 30 feet in width, then it’s necessary to have a concrete pad, but anything below that can be installed on the ground or asphalt.


Take this 20’W x 21’L x 8’H storage building as an example:



This metal storage building is rocking our pewter gray color. It also has a 10’ x 8’ roll-up door and a 36” x 72” walk-in door on the side, and it comes with our 90-mph wind warranty when all of the required concrete anchors are purchased.


We have a variety of buildings and designs for you to choose from. Have additional questions? Give us a call! Let one of our sales representatives assist you with any questions you may have. Want to see more buildings? Click here for additional pictures and ideas.


*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact our sales department for our latest prices.*